Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at bringing more iOS apps to Android

9to5Mac reports that during Apple’s company-wide ‘Town Hall’ meeting, CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple’s decision to bring Apple music to Android is a dummy run, made to ascertain how well Apple services on non-Apple made devices.

Tim Cook was reported to have stated that Apple is looking to grow its service division by providing its custom apps on other platforms such as; Android. Apple stepped onto the Android platform through the release of Apple music for Android late last year.

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The Apple services that are expected to future on Android in the foreseeable are iCloud services such as; Calendar, email, notes and reminders. iMessenger, Apple pay, iCloud photo library are among other services expected to be brought to the Android platform.

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This move will undoubtedly increase integration among Apple devices and non-Apple devices, especially for those who own an iPad or a Mac but use an Android or BlackBerry smartphone.  Obviously, Android is the most popular operating system, making it an easy choice for Apple when considering where to begin featuring its services outside of Apple devices.

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Meanwhile, Samsung has being adding some of its famous applications to the iOS platform. We will see Samsung apps on iOS, if reports on Samsung planned introduction of its major application on iOS turns out to be true.

Which iPhone application do you want to see on Android?



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