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#2014InReview : TECNO Needs More Quality Than Quantity



TECNO have done tremendously well. Since its inception in Nigeria , TECNO has played a major role in shaping the smartphone market to what it is today. Few years back , few people would have predicted that TECNO will enjoy this kind of massive success in Nigeria and Africa at large. TECNO is already an household name in nigeria , one that cannot be easily written off.

Taking a look at 2014 so far , i realised that TECNO has greatly improved. More devices , More popularity and most importantly , More $$$$ too :D . This improvement is evident in this year’s flagship devices. TECNO R7 and TECNO Phantom Z are devices of the highest calibre. Fast processors , OTA-Update Capabilty, Sharp camera , Long Lasting battery life ; What more could we ask for? TECNO Really killed it. But there’s one bad habit TECNO needs to do away with ; the habit of releasing Toomuch similar devices with little or no quality.

I understand that TECNO’s major target is the Middle / Low side of market , however , i feel they’re taking too much advantage of that. So far this year , TECNO has released 13 new devices (I stand to be corrected , could be more) , averaging 1 new device every new month. I have no problem with the number of devices they introduce , however , if you take a close look at those devices , you will notice too much similarities between them. you can barely notice more than 2 differences between the each device , making nigerians more confused by the day. To further explain this , i pitched TECNO H3 against TECNO H5 below ;

TECNO H3 Key Specs

Display size : 3.5 inches
Internal memory : 4GB
OS : Android 4.4kitkat
Processors : 1.0Ghz dual-core Mediatek MT6575
RAM : 512MB
Camera : 5MP / 0.3MP (Back / Front)
Battery : 2000mAh

TECNO H5 Key Specs

Display size : 4.0 inches
Internal memory : 4GB
OS : Android 4.2 jellybean
Processors : 1.0Ghz dual-core Mediatek MT6575
RAM : 512MB
Camera : 5MP / 0.3MP (Back / Front)
Battery : 1800mAh

Now look at those specs and tell me how many differences you could spot. ? TECNO H3 runs on android 4.4kitkat os while h5 runs on android 4.2jellybean , how come? isnt TECNO H5 Supposed to be better than h3? I guess you’re equally confused , right?

TECNO’s lack of quality , innovation and inconsistency is becoming very very obvious by the day. We were Wowed! By TECNO R7 ; But what followed? , same old thing , Similar devices with different names!. Nigerians are noticing and it will only be a matter of time before they look elsewhere. Nigerians need more of quality and less of quantity from TECNO.

It is very much unlikely TECNO will change this bad habit , Many have complained but TECNO didnt listen. However , with Infinix growing more wings by the day and the recent entry of Innjoo and Wiko , it will only be a matter of time before TECNO Walks on that long , lonely and difficult path , just like Blackberry is currently doing.

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  1. This is the best review/post/write up concerning tecno, they have made a Hugh success in the market, but they have to stop this bad habit of producing too many phones with little or no difference.

  2. Quantity has never been of importance to anyone. QUALITY is all we need. Tecno thanks for taking such decision

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