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6GB RAM vs 4GB RAM Android smartphones


8GB RAM, 6GB RAM, 4GB RAM and 3GB RAM Smartphones? Do we need Android smartphone with such capacity?
It is true that nowadays, smartphones are being produced with 6 GB and sometimes 8 GB RAM. Generally speaking, this would obviously be in order to increase the phone’s performance.


But can we take a moment to really ask, “Is this really necessary? Do we need such RAM sizes on our smartphones?”
According to Lao Shi, an executive of Huawei, we necessarily don’t need these. Speaking recently on his weibo page, he stated that 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for any smart phone to run smoothly. Explaining further, Lao Shi confirmed that according to conclusive tests carried out by the company, a whole lot of Huawei phones that are equipped with 4 GB RAM can perform better over a long time compared to most 6 GB RAM phones ( that is, when combined with the latest Kirin 960 chip set). He concluded that it would be more efficient to optimize the operating system of the phones rather than increase their RAM size.
When you think about it, you would see a lot of sense in this. As we all know, the iOS doesn’t really need a large RAM to run smoothly. Adding 2 GB to a 4 GB RAM would mean and exponential increase in the price of the phone with a commensurate increase in phone’s performance over time.
What then does Lao Shi have to say about the couple of Huawei phone that come with 6 GB of RAM? He says categorically that their performance is not impressive relative to their price.

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