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androidappsSince I was opportuned to lay my hands on an android device, my thought has automatically shifted to been an Android fan for life, except maybe something dramatic happens in the nearest future.

My first Android device happens to be a tablet bought by a friend on Ebay and he resold it to me at a pricely sum of N25, 000.00. I was glad to buy the device because I have been hearing a lot about android and how powerful the devices are.

Been a BB addict up to that moment, I was sceptical about all the great news I have heard about android until I started using the tablet. My first port of call was Google, where i searched for the best apps available in the Google Playstore.

I discovered a lot of android apps and decided to try them out and see which will suit me and those that won’t. Been an Android user for over a year now, I can cheerfully share with you some of the Android Apps you need to have on your device immediately you buy it.

These are apps I hardly do without in a day. Some are used every passing hour while some are used frequently within the day and they cut across different categories. In order to download these apps, you will need to head to the Playstore ASAP!

1) Flipboard Magazine:
Ican categorically refer to this app as my numero uno Android app. My most used app on any android device I set my hands upon.

Flipboard put the whole world in your hands, that is simply how I can describe this wonderful app. instead of having to keep browsing the web for news portals in any genre you are interested in, Flipboard Magazine will do that hardwork for you and help you curate all the news and present it to you in a magazine format.

You love Politics, Sports, Music, Movies, Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Fashion or Recipe news? You need not search the web for news in any of the above-mentioned, with your flipboard app, you will have access to all the news on New York Times, BBC, Sky, Eurosport, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Youtube, Twitter and hundreds of other platforms.

I will need to do a detailed article on flipboard magazine so that you can really appreciate all that it does and how you can maximize it.

2) Temple Run 2
temple-run Anytime I get tired of flipping, playing Temple Run 2 is my next pastime. I haven’t tried so many Android games do to lack of time and not interest but out of the few, this is the most addictive for me.

The dragon chase, picking of coins, avoid all obstacles on the way and beating the last point haul is the joy I derive in this game. You need to check it out and find out if you will get addicted to it or not ;)


3) Du Battery Saver
Battery-Saver-DuSwitch-Widget-IconIt is a known fact that most smart phones consume so much battery power that they run out of power so easily.

As a blackberry user, I do experience this a lot and this is so frustrating. If you really wish to enjoy your blackberry, it must be you and your charger everywhere you go, lol. When I got my android tablet the same is always the issue, so it is not really a blackberry issue. :)

Using an Android phone, my first concern is the blackberry power and I had to search for the best battery saving apps. After reading all the reviews, I decided to settle for Du Battery Saver, a decision I haven’t regretted.

It helps in managing all the apps on my device, show me which app(s) is consuming a lot of battery power and how to charge effectively at the shortest time span. After using the free version for a while, with just about $1 I upgraded and that is where the real power of the app is.

It does so much more in the PRO version and the beauty of it is that I used my GTBank ATM to upgrade.

4) CamCard
As a business person, you do meet people where ever you go and you do collect their business cards and give yours out as well. If you have done this for years, you can imagine the amount of cards you would have collected over time.

Storing the cards become a very big issue and in the process you lose a lot of those cards and even moreso the contacts of some very important people you need to stay in touch with. This is no longer an issue with the CamCard app.

This app is just way too awesome! It helps you scan your business card and retrieve all the contact information on the scan. The only task for you is to correct one or two details and SAVE! This sounds unbelievable but it is true!

You need not be carrying about a huge sack of cards in your pocket or where ever again with this perfect app. With the free version you can store just 50 contact details but with the pro version you have access to unlimited details that you can store on your phone.

5) Pages Manager
facebook-pages-manager-app-300x212If you do have facebook fan pages, this app is the best way to manage your page(s) on the go. It is fast and very effective anytime you wish to use it.

I have lot of pages I manage and this app helps make my task so easy. What I love so much about it is that it informs me whenever there is an interaction on any of my pages and I can quickly take any form of action that is required as soon as I get the notification.

This is just the first part in this series. I have a lot of other very useful Apps that I will be sharing with you. Please keep visiting this blog so that you can keep abreast of all that is happening in the Android industry.

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Can you share with us some of your top apps? Fill the comment box below. :)

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  1. I used to gather or install more than 200 apps in my phone before until I get to know that they are just exhausting my RAM space

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