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What I do with my Android Device (Tecno Phantom F7)


My first android device was a tablet that was bought by a friend on Ebay and resold to me. When I got this tablet, the excitement of all I could do with it was so overwhelming and I spent more time on it than I do on my once favoured blackberry.

Once I had the taste of an android device, the desire to have a phone running on android was birthed and just after few months after the Tecno revolution started. I was taking note of all Tecno was doing and when the Phantom arrived, I couldn’t stand on the sideline again, I quickly acquire one.

At the shop I bought the phone, I quickly did a photoshoot of myself, my assistant and even the shop. :) I was so shocked at the quality of the picture I took and it will be great if you know that the Tecno F7 has a 8MP native camera. This has made me an emergency photographer as I snap everywhere I go, my home, church, events, trainings, tours etc and I have never been disappointed.

I discovered while using the phone that I don’t really need photoshop in order to touch up my pictures. There are so many applications in the Play Store that I can use and they all come with great effects. The first application I got acquainted with is the Camera 360 app. The app was designed to replace the native camera, where you take pictures and quickly edit the pictures to great effect.

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I later discovered that even without applications, I can edit my pictures straight on the phone because there is an edit option in the pictures gallery menu and so many great effects are there. I don’t know if it is Tecno that I should praise of it’s the Android OS that made that possible. Now I don’t use the Camera 360 any longer.

My second preoccupation is playing games with my phone. The quality and clarity of the Tecno F7 makes playing games on the phone a great experience. There is actually no game you will play that you won’t enjoy on this phone. My favourite games are: Dots, Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds.

Been a business person, my Tecno F7 comes in handy whenever the need arises. There are so many productive tools that can be downloaded in the App store. My favourite is the Evernote app. In case you haven’t head about this great app, read its description:

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“Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.”

I use it for putting down notes anytime I’m in a meeting, church service etc. I even use it to snap pictures in the meetings I attend. It is surely a MUST HAVE tool for anyone that desires to be productive.

Do you know you can scan documents and save as images or pdfs on your phone, using your android device? Yes, that is what I have been doing. CamScanner is a useful app on my phone that I can use to scan any document that I need to send or submit online. You don’t need to go to business centers any longer to scan your passport photograph, utility bills or even international passport, just install this app and your phone will become a mobile scanner ;)

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If it is not surprising that you can scan with your phone, do you know that you can scan business cards and store the details automatically into your phone without you having to do it yourself? That is another wonderful task I carry out on my F7. CamCard is the app that makes it so easy for me to achieve this. All you need is to snap the card and the app runs a scan over all the details and it turns the details into your contacts and save them all without your effort. Unbelievable? Yes but it is TRUE!

There are still a lot I do with my phone but will love to stop here so that I can hear from you. What do you really do with your Android phone or tablet? What kind of device do you use? Please share with us in the comments section.

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Now tell us what you do with your own device.

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  1. what I can do on my Tecno phantom A+ is won’t contain d whole page provided if I start listing them

    1. Akande Adeyinka,
      We will be waiting to hear from you, no matter how long it is, we can serialise it.
      Waiting for you.

  2. I now realise d extent of which d Android is useful I have d Techno type . am going 2exploit d use 2dfullest thanks

  3. This Tecno phantom A+ is really dominating Nigeria. I have read so much about it and have also seen some guys who uses it yet, I still find it difficult to believe that the phone is of quality and worth the investment (like samsuns phones) cos anytime I hear tecno the next thing that flashes my mind is “inferior” and I have been battling with this motion. Well, I guess I have to give it a try to know how far.

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