Android Users Beware of Google’s Services!!!

Android users should be careful with their private date whilst using Google's services.


This is a mixed news for all Google’s service lovers and enthusiast as the case may be, its a mix of pleasant and unpleasant information as findings just shows that the amount of your personal data Google has access to and track from your android devices is huge and can be detrimental to an extent if not curbed and put in check.
Users of Google’s services are not hand-twisted to share their private data with Google however, you have to agree to some terms if you want to proceed with using the services and enjoying the best your Android devices have to offer, Google’s services like the Google search, Google Map, Gmail, Android OS, to mention a few are some delightful features we have access to on our Android smartphones via Google and in return we are offered highly tailored ads based on our Google profile, it is usually a good suggestion but not without its cost.

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In using the Google’s services, it enables Google to collect a staggering amount of your personal data although not intentionally harmful but could be if it gets in the wrong hands and more so from the device you cherish most, your android smartphone !! and more often than not this happens without your implied knowledge as you just click away, new findings reveal there are three explicit Android devices in particular that leaves your phone activities and data reach the Google server, they are Google pixel 2, Moto Z Droid and Samsung S8, this is not to rule out the fact that other smartphones data are not being exploited but the mentioned devices are not connected to a cellular network rather to a WI-FI which gets all transmissions sent and received on the devices.

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Below are some of the personal data your Android smart devices share with Google Services on a regular basis

It can send if you are connected to a WI-FI network or not and also access the connection information.
It can share your Barometric pressure
A list of your movement per-time is also shared with Google e.g if you are walking, cycling, in a car or on a train ride.
The MAC address of the WI-FI point access you are connected to.
The charge level of your device battery and whether the device is charging or not.
The Voltage of your battery.
The GPS otherwise known as your location per time.
The GPS coordinates of your Android device and accuracy of the coordinates.
The MAC address, signal strength, of your Bluetooth beacon

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The list is not limited to the above , this list may sound harmless on the surface but the undertone privacy invasion needs to be checked, and for some people especially in the limelight it may be disturbing as it regards safety and privacy, the above listed are quite sensitive as simple as they may sound and our major culprit here is sharing of LOCATION!!!

As soon as you give access to Google to record your location history all other Google’s services tend to leverage on that information and grab all the data associated with your location without the App asking for permission to track you.
Google did not give an option not to use the location history feature but the implication of enabling the location history on your android device in a Google App. is not in-depth explained to the end users.

In retrospect; ‘Google uses your location history of course with your naive permission to deliver better search results and recommendations on Google products and offers , for instance have you noticed when you take pictures at some popular locations it suggests to you to add your pictures to that place, of course, some of us decline whilst others may gladly add it, it may be fun but not with it cost, other instances are Google saving your old pictures which can be fun or scary atimes *smile *, traffic predictions, weather updates, unsolicited recommendations of fast food, bars and other places you have visited * Heave help you if you are in a committed relationship, Google helps unravel those little white lies* and if you are lucky the feature helps locate a missing phone or person *good stuff*.

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Google’s services are not entirely to be opted out from but Hey! we are only saying you should be more careful doing stuff on your Android devices, and other times turn-off your location history a little privacy won’t hurt, it is an entirely opt-in feature that you can always edit, delete or turn-off at your convenience, so its a two-way option for you particularly if you care about your privacy like we do, but we must also warn that you won’t be able to use some Apps. that require access to your location, our suggestion is that once in a while turn-off your location history.

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