Android Wear Cries Like A Baby When Far From A Smartphone


Android Wear Cries Like A Baby When Far From A Smartphone 1

Wouldn’t it be amazing when your android wear weeps and beeps like a child when you appear to have moved far away from your smartphone?

The New Android Aware app brings that feature to our android wear.

Wear Aware creates a kind of connection between your smartphone and your shinny android wear.

The Wear Aware app is incredibly simple, just download it from the Google Play Store and it will install the necessary component on your Wear device.

If your phone happens to go outside of Bluetooth range and the connection is lost, your watch will throw up an alert and vibrate three times, in Baby Mario fashion.

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Once the connection is re-established, dismiss the notification and continue your ativity.

This will definitely help prevent forgetting of smartphone or theft.

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