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Banking Applications for Android, More Vulnerabilities than for Ios

Android Banking Apps VS iOS Banking Apps


Bank applications for Android contain significantly more critical vulnerabilities than their counterparts for iOS. To this conclusion, experts Positive Technologies came, analyzing the system of RBS for both platforms. Based on the results of the study, it was found that the preponderance is very significant.

According to experts, the share of high-risk vulnerabilities in banking applications for Android is 56%, while in iOS software this figure does not exceed 25%. Such vulnerabilities allow attackers to pick up credentials for access to the bank account and the accumulation of their victims.

Interestingly, experts say that sometimes applications of the same bank, designed for different platforms, can contain a different number of vulnerabilities. As a rule, there are fewer vulnerabilities in iOS versions than in Android, despite the fact that they are created by one group of developers.

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Fortunately, at present there is a general tendency to reduce the share of critical vulnerabilities in banking applications, Positive Technologies researchers state. Since 2015, the number of vulnerable online banking programs has declined from 90 to 71% in 2016 and to 56% in 2017.


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