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[Guide] How to buy used Phones in Nigeria


Have you caught yourself on the thought of getting an expensive mobile phone? Now your wishes may easily come to life because you can purchase a used mobile phone of some luxurious manufacturer or a well-known brand without breaking the bank.

This article will help you to look into the main shades of how to buy a mobile phone without being cheated and disappointed, get to know some of feedbacks, as well as will introduce our website for those who want to make smart purchasing.

Is Buying a used Phone Worth it?

Buying a used mobile phone is not an easy task to handle. However, it is worth your efforts. It will save your money, as well as preserve the place you live in from more extra exposure.

The overwhelming majority of people believe that a used phone which once belonged to someone is no more to be used. In fact, it is not true. Any used phone which is in a good physical, as well as functional condition has the chance to a second life. Look through some feedbacks of those who have already bought used phones in Lagos:

“I’ve bought countless fairly used Samsung Galaxy tablets  and I trust them 100 %.”.

“I’ve bought many used phones in Lagos and what usually happens is I meet the person in a public place, inspect the phone and pay for it”.

“I have never had any problems with used phones. So up to this date I have already sold and bought a lot of used phones”.

Since every mobile phone seller describes and demonstrates the real condition of his or her phone on sale, you can easily get to know all its pros and cons and decide whether to buy the phone or not. For example, on Jiji , you are able to look through photos of every single phone in sale and learn details. The following useful tips will help you to choose the eligible phone.

Safety Guidelines To Follow When Buying A Used Phone


Pay attention on an external look. Your phone shouldnt contain any scratches, cracks and scuffings. Moreover, you need to ensure that the phone is in order by reading some additional information on the site or asking a seller as many questions as you need to learn about the phone.

Along with this, Ask the seller for the original box of the phone in order to convince yourself that the phone has not been stolen or just found in the street.

Do not be afraid to cut the deal when you notice any irregularities.

Arrive at an appropriate price that will meet the seller’s request, as well as your personal evaluation. If there is such ability, turn on and turn off the phone for several times. It is the most common problem for used phones not to react sometimes on your actions. Check up the keyboard unit. Although it looks worn, it should operate properly. So press every button for a couple of times. Pay attention to accessories ; Headset , charger , e.t.c.

Check up their operability. Make an accent on a USB-cable which is the most common case for having problems with the phone you buy.

Finally , Dispose yourself on buying a new battery. According to the facts, the majority of used phones suffer from having weak and worn battery. Therefore, spend some money and replace your battery at the very first minute after you have bought the gadget. NEVER make a trial call with your own SIM-card because the telephone you buy can have some kind of the criminal past.

The video below will shed more light on how to choose your second-hand mobile smartphone correctly.

Where to Buy used Phones in Nigeria?

There are different places to buy used phones in Nigeria. However , Based on our Experience , we reccomend you buy from Jiji.ng . Jiji is an online market place where buyers and sellers converge to trade used gadgets.

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  1. Jiji is still the best place to get fairly used phone at an affordable price. It is also safe Thanks for the info Android nigeria

  2. A word is enough for the wise… But sometimes, experience is the best teacher. Thank you for this wonderful Guide.

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