You Can Now Donate To The Fight Against Ebola Via Facebook.


Few weeks ago Facebook’s CEO , Mark Zuckerberg , donated $25million to help fight the Ebola virus disease . Today , Facebook has added a Donate Button with which people can donate to the fight against ebola.

Fb Donate To Ebola

Starting today the donate button will rollout on the top of news feed in 30 selected countries. Residents in those countries can then donate to either International Medical Corps, American Red Cross, or Save The Children.

Donate to ebola organisations

In addition to that , Facebook will also provide free Internet service to Ebola relief workers in Western Africa. It has been noted that lack of connectivity has been a major barrier in the fight against ebola , limiting how quickly aid workers can educate residents on how to stay healthy and avoid the disease.

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Facebook will donate 100 satellite Internet hotspots via NetHope to medical facilities and NGOs in remote areas of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. These will let aid workers and patients use voice and web connectivity to battle Ebola and stay in touch with loved ones.

The fight against ebola has yielded positive results so far. WHO recently decleared Nigeria Ebola Free , after no new cases were recorded in six weeks.

You can visit facebook’s donation page to learn more on how to donate or download ebola android app to learn more about the disease


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4 thoughts on “You Can Now Donate To The Fight Against Ebola Via Facebook.”

  1. My joy is that Ebola is no longer in Nigeria. I remembered the night when people were subjected to bathing with salty water due to the wide spread of false Rumours and the fear of ebola contamination. Very funny indeed.

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