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Changing Android boot animation the easy way using boot animation apk app (root)


Recently I wrote a tutorial on how to change boot animation with X-plore File Manager and what boot animation means. Here is a tutorial on how to Change boot animation with Boot Animations (Root) App.

1. Like the first step in Method, download the custom boot animation you want here.

2. Download the Boot animations root app here.

3. Open the app then click menu options and select Backup/Restore. Backup your original boot animation by tapping Backup. (You can restore your original boot animation from here too with the Restore option.)

4. Locate your custom boot animation file (in this case, ‘’). Long-press the zip file then choose Install.

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Note: File names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’ before installing it.
Also if you download the boot animation file with this Boot animation apk app then your downloaded file will be located here :

5. After you have done installing, reboot your device to see your new custom boot animation.

That’s all!
You now know how to customize your boot animation.

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  1. Most of these processes can not be carried by an ordinary phone user like me. Nevertheless, it is a very piece of information for Handset Technicians.

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