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What’s The Difference Between Infinix Zero And Infinix Zero Gold


Infinix Zero is the “Hottest” and most sought after smartphone in nigeria right now. I know some of you are already using this device and I wouldn’t be suprised is someone is actually reading this post via his infinix zero smartphone. As some may already know , infinix zero is available in 2 versions. Normal Version And Gold Version. But What Is The Difference Between Infinix Zero And Infinix Zero Gold?

Infinix Zero Image

What's The Difference Between Infinix Zero And Infinix Zero Gold 2

Infinix Zero Gold Image

What's The Difference Between Infinix Zero And Infinix Zero Gold 3

In the aspect of design , there’s no big difference between the two devices except Infinix Zero comes in White, Black, Gold, Red, Blue and Purple colours while Infinix Zero Gold comes in flashy Gold colour.

The Major difference between infinix zero and infinix zero gold is the internal hardware. Infinix Zero Gold is designed for people with extra need for internal storage and more RAM.. Infinix Zero Gold comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Memory (ROM) while The normal Version Of infinix zero comes with just 1GB RAM and 8GB.

Let’s talk about price. We all expect Infinix Zero Gold to be more expensive than the normal infinix zero but that isn’t the case here. The normal infinix zero costs #20,000 while the Zero Version costs #23,900 which is just #3,900 difference!

Konga And Etisalat Nigeria Are Offering Free 500MB Data + Plus Free Delivery Nationwide If You Buy Infinix Zero Online.

The choice is yours. You can Buy Infinix Zero From Konga Nigeria

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  1. um loving d infinix zero gold,jst lyk every tin about dat phone but don’t know d present price @ jumia & konga.can any one help pls?

  2. please i need to get a new phone n due to some issues with d battery life of dis phone which does nt last longer its making to get confused

  3. Mmh I realy want infinix zero gold, bt hw long is the battery life going to last wen ur using playing music, internet stuff and it last like black berry touch one?

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