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Do People Even Read Their Phone Manual?


Like it or not , whenever you buy a new smartphone , you will surely get a user manual. The manufacturers don’t care if you’re a Geek or not. A manual is a guide to getting started with your smartphone.  I know most people will say reading phone manual is “Old School” (Considering the fact that things have changed) but hey , have you ever wondered what is even inside the manual? I don’t think so.

A Phone Guide / Manual

If I take a survey round , I’m very positive that the 70% of Nigerians did not read their phone manual. We are too ignorant of the basic things of life in general. When i visit online forums / blogs and see the kind of questions people ask , I just shake my head and laugh. Sometimes the answers to some basic questions are in our hands , but we’re too blind to see.

So next time you get a new smartphone , ensure you read the manual to get better understanding of what your phone is all about.

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