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How Does Blackberry Make Money From BBM?


Getting a popular messaging app is one thing , Monetising it is another. I have always wondered how Blackberry has somehow managed to keep BBM going.


Even as blackberry devices are struggling to make sales , BBM has continued to thrive in numbers. Of course , BBM’s current thrive is slightly attributed to the fact that the messaging app now works on Android And iOS ; But with a large database of over 80million users , we can’t help but wonder if blackberry is even making profits from BBM.

Facebook ‘s recent acquisition of whatsapp for $19bn Raised eyebrows. At that time , whatsapp had 450million monthly active users , so mathematically speaking , Facebook payed $42 per monthly active user.  So if we use the same Metrics for BBM , we can estimate its worth to be $3.36bn ($42 x 80million Monthly Users)

Whatsapp’s only revenue generator is the $1 per year users pay for the service ,which means whatsapp could earn as much as $450million per year in revenue. On the other hand BBM is a free app with little or no monetisation strategy. So idealogically speaking , no one will pay as much as $3.36bn for BBM.

Does Blackberry Make Profit From BBM?

That is a difficult question to answer.  Blackberry introduced BBM shop where people can buy stickers and send to their chatmates .But looking at it from a critical angle I don’t think BBM shop is doing so well , at least not here in nigeria . Most Nigerians dont pay for apps not to talk of buying BBM stickers.

Bbm Stickers

Another way blackberry could actually make money from BBM is through Sponsored Contents. Of recent , I noticed blackberry has silently pushed sponsored ads to BBM users here in Nigeria.

Go tv Sponsored Ad On BBM

Gotv advert is the latest sponsored ad from blackberry. Whatever the case it , BBM sponsored ad will work for blackberry if and only if they don’t promote aggressively.

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