Du Battery Saver Android App Review

Du Battery Saver is by far one of the best battery saving apps on android . Used by millions everyday , Du Battery Saver effectively Monitors and Manages your battery life to enable you get the best out of your device.. At least 4 out of every 5Android devices has du battery saver installed..


Why I Love Du Battery Saver?

There are lots of reasons why I love du battery saver. Asides the fact that it is free it also offers a lot of unique battery saving features.

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Battery Saving Mode :


Once your battery is getting low , this app provides you an option to properly maximise your battery consumption by switching to “Long Mode” . Switching to long mode will automatically disconnect wireless connections (WiFi , Bluetooth) , And also reduce your phone’s brightness.. Doing this will help prolong your battery life by almost 50%.

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Charge Monitoring :


When charging , Du battery saver can tell if your phone is undergoing a fast charge or is charging very slow. This app can also tell how long your device will take to fully charge.

Know Which Apps Are Consuming Battery  :


This app can also tell which apps are consuming battery the most.

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As you can see in the screenshot above , My launcher is consuming 24.8% of my battery while Operamini is consuming 25.7%.

Overall , Du Battery Saver is a “Life Saver” For a mobiholic like me. I recommend it to every android user.

Download Du Battery Saver

Du battery saver. Apk is currently available on play store. Download Du Battery Saver



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