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Effect of Dollar Increase on smart phone price.


In recent times, some persons have asked certain questions about the price of mobile devices. Most seem perplexed at the huge difference between the price of mobile devices at the time of release and its current price in 2016.

Well it’s no brainer, the answer is the difference between a mobile devices at the time it was listed (2015 smart phones) and its current price is caused by the seemingly ever-increasing difference between the Naira and the Dollar as well as the Chinese Yuan. Furthermore, the pump price of petrol in Nigeria also has an influence on the price of smart phones being sold. This exchange difference has also affected nearly all prices of goods and services, whose raw material is sourced outside the country.

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Most smartphones, tablets and computers used in Nigeria are imported, save for a few local brands or companies with factories in Nigeria or in Africa. An example of such is the Rlg, Slok, Solo, Uhuru products, are manufactured here in Nigeria or Africa, therefore, the cost of the devices produced by these companies should be more consistent and probably pocket friendly.

All in all, if you are looking for a new gadget to buy or have found one, but you are reluctant to buy, because of the price. The best advice here, is to go ahead with the purchase, as it seems a price decrease of smart phones is not in sight (waiting might take forever), reason being that the price of oil is still moving downwards , so is the difference between the Dollar and the Naira. Perhaps you don’t have money for Phones made in the USA or other foreign countries, you should try out our local products they might have something of interest.

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For now, as Nigerians let us all help our Country in any way possible. What do you think about the increase in the price of smartphones? Do you see an end to high prices in sight?


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Ifeanyi Joseph

Ifeanyi Okondu is a creative writer, Java programmer, and football fan with a profound interest in technology. He spends most of his time reading, discussing, and writing about technology and how man’s brainchild is shaping the world. When he is not crafting engaging content, you may find him either watching YouTube videos, a football match, reading or exercising. You can connect with him on Facebook @ fb.com/okondu.

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