Facebook secretly turning your pictures to ASCII art


Something kinda cool has been discovered, its not the head of a Dinosaur though. Its a new photo altering process, that turns photo’s into ASCII art (text characters). This trick is reportedly carried out on any photo uploaded on Facebook or Instagram, the company creates a html page that replicates a photo using ASCII art. This discovery was made by Mathias Bynens, a front-end web developer.

ASCII ART (photo credit: the verge)
ASCII ART (photo credit: the verge)

You can do this to any of your pictures by adding a “.html” to photo link, this will create a coloured picture. or “.txt” to create a black and white picture. It’s definitely a cool way to spice up your pictures and create some.

However, the reason for this unknown alteration of pictures by Facebook or Instagram is unknown. Until we are able to gather more information as to why this was created enjoy ASCII art. Be sure to visit AndroidNigeria for more news.

source: verge


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