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Fifa 14 Android – Solutions To Origin And Service Not Available


Last Month Fifa 2014 Was Released For Both Android And Ios Users….Ever Since Then It Has Gotten Thousands Of Downloads By Both Android And Ios Users..

Fifa 2014 Is One Of The Best Soccer Game I’ve Ever Seen…It Consists Of Real Teams , Real Players , And Real Leagues .Fifa 2014 Game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real football leagues, teams, and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on your device..

FIFA 2014 is Everything you’ld Ever wish for in a mobile soccer game but sadly there’s a major Bug With playing The Game On Your Android Phone.. the problem is two phased and interconnected. It means the cause of the problem is one and the same. The two problems are i. when you want to check existing purchases in other to upgrade your fifa 14 and unlock all modes, you will receive “Service not available message check your internet connection” this happens even when you have a very good internet or wifi connection. ii. If you try to login to your origin account, you will receive the following error message; “Origin is not available. Please try again later or check your internet connection” Don’t be deceived, if you change your internet connection, the error will remain constant.

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Solution To This Bug

Before this can be fixed, you will have to change your DNS server. The easiest way around is to download the “SetDNS” app from the Play Store . As soon as you install it, reboot your device, connect to your WiFi and launch the app (don’t start the game yet).

From the drop down menu find “Google DNS” and tap apply. Close the app and launch Fifa 14. You should be able to log on to Origin, and you should be able to unlock / check for existing purchases successfully now.

Credit : Lemmy Morgan

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  1. Thank you man …. !!
    Finally the game connected and unlocked … thanks thanks thanks you’re amazing!!

    “be noticed guys, the sitdns app needs root”

  2. Nice one, Please can u figure out why my fifa 14 suddenly stops working after playing it a night, the following morning it stopped working.

    It was playing very well on my tab that runs a dual core processor with 1 gig ram

    1. It is that the fifa 14 refuse to open? Or when it opens it tells you to download a file? Please explain better on what you meant by refuse to open.

  3. when i unlock fifa 14 and press Exiting Purches, then show “install your google play application…. ”
    but my all google apps is open and available.
    so what can i do?

  4. hie what type of DNS should i downloaf because when i search it on google plays it shows a lot of DNS please help me i want to unlock my modes on fifa14

  5. I hate encountering difficulties in the game I love to play. With this knowledge, I can now correct one or two things concerning my installed FIFA14

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