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{FIX} Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server


Few days back , I faced a serious issue with my phone. I was not able to access Google Playstore despite the fact that I had a working internet connection. Whenever I tried to connect , I get this error “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server”.


According to Google ;

This could be a temporary problem or your Android device is not provisioned for data services

After series of trial and error , I was finally able to get my playstore working. Here’s how I fixed Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server error on playstore.

How to Easily Fix Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server

Right in your Android system , there’s a file called Hosts. This file houses Google playstore’s IP Address ; you just need to do some editing and your playstore will be up and running.

Before you can edit this file your phone needs to be rooted. You can Check Here for rooting  tutorials.

After successfully rooting , download Total Commander and grant it root access.

Launch Total Commander , Open System file root and look for a folder called Etc


Open the Etc folder , scroll down , look for a file called hosts. Click on it and Edit file

Edit Host

Now look closely. You will notice there are 2 IP addresses on different lines. Now all you need to do is put # in front of the IP address on the second line . Save the file.


After saving , Reboot your device.  And Welcome to Playstore!!!!!


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