Glo for life: Glo is at it again, making customers happy with more data for less cash


Glo is undeniably the best option out there when it comes to network that offers pocket friendly data. The network provider has titled “data grandmasters” and “data network” they are leaving up to these names, much to the pleasure of we the consumers. And just when we thought we have seen the lowest rates that data can  cost, Glo has given us another pleasant surprise as the value of the Glo data bundle has been increased .

The new Glo data bundle now offers 3.2GB for one thousand Naira, that 1.2GB more compared to the 2GB value of one thousand Naira. In the same vein, two thousand Naira subscription is now worth 7.5GB; an extra 1.5GB increase as well. The data grandmasters also gifted students with special bonuses that are super cool. However, these bonuses/special offers can only be enjoyed whole on campus.

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Glo data bundle

To see the new Glo data bundle(s) dial *777#. Glo has really been impressive, they offer very affordable data. They do not throttle data neither does it get exhausted easily. From my own experience Glo is awesome, what do you think? Is Glo the best or what? Share your Glo experience via the comment box below

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  1. GLO Rocks!!! I’m a proud subscriber from Port Harcourt. I have one problem tho, Their service is quite poor in most part of Rivers State.

  2. What i love most about GLO is that they seem to understand the Naija struggle by making their data plans cheaper, they will always have the trust of Nigerians

    1. That’s very true. When MTN came in and say that Nigeria can not work on per second billing, Glo came and change the game.

    2. They got it right on that aspect but what about improving on their network..? Their network can be very frustrating sometimes

  3. That was before oOoo. As at last year I enjoyed my Glo line but it has suddenly change. Their data is now the same as other network providers.

    1. I have a Glo simcard but I don’t use it anymore because of their bad network. It can very frustrating most of the time

  4. First of all, i had a brief use of Glo some time ago, but the info i hear about the browsing speed is not encouraging at all

  5. Especially the 3Gb for #1000 it’s just too cheap but the network hmm. Might not even finish the data before it expires

  6. When you go through most of the comments here, you will discover that many of them are complaining of one thing which is their network. They need to improve on their network

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