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Google allegedly working on a game streaming service, Yeti


It seems there’s no stop to Google’s plan to dominate every sector, from search engines, software applications, to smartphones, PCs, and now there are rumours the company is moving to the gaming sector.

These rumours first developed back in February, when a gaming-themed streaming service with the codename “Yeti” surfaced on the Internet.

Now, there is a new report from Kotaku stating that Google chiefs met with game developing companies at the Game Developers Conference which held in March, in San Francisco. The report claims that Google is not working on a partnership with these companies, but instead, the tech giant wants to buy them out and have them work exclusively on creating contents for the project “Yeti”.

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This game streaming service makes it possible for gamers to simply stream the games onto their smartphones or PCs with the hardware components offloaded to the cloud, eliminating the need for heavy software. There’s no difference between this Google’s plan and the approach employed by NVIDIA with its GeForce Now service, which available for streaming on Mac and Windows PCs in beta form.

Kotaku said Google is planning on integrating this game streaming service with YouTube. So, in a case where you are facing difficulties with a particular game level, you can easily activate a button on the game interface and it will transfer you to YouTube, providing you with solutions to the issues.

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The report suggested that Google is also working on a hardware that may come with this game streaming service. Rumour has it that it may be a gaming console or some sort of cheap hardware that will help with the service heavy-duty. But my money is on the gaming console, it seems like it’s the logical thing, as PCs or smartphones may not have the processing power required.

Google has tested the gaming deep waters on previous occasions with Niantic Labs (the creator of Pokémon Go), but the company left Google before its game became a worldwide hit. The tech giant now has a gaming studio under its wing (Owlchemy Labs) which is currently working on a VR game called Vacation Simulator.

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We hope to see how this Google current endeavours in the gaming industry turns out, as the company is known to pull the plug on any of its projects that don’t work out as planned.

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