Google Android Rolling Out New Lockscreen For App Quick Launch


Android-Pattern-LockGoogle Android Rolling Out New Lockscreen For App Quick Launch If you feel the unlocking pattern on android devices such as the pattern unlocking style, pin codes and the freshly added facial recognition feature were ‘stressful’, especially when you needed to access an app quickly, well, reports say Google has looked into your ‘discomfort’ and has a new unlocking feature coming out, according to their USPTO filing.

Basically, it appears to be rather similar to the currently available pattern unlock setup and details coming from the filing have this looking rather simple.

The difference here is that users will be able to switch up or add-to that pattern to go directly to an app with an extra swipe up.

For instance, users can go to the camera app quickly just with that extra swipe which kind of makes things easier.

But some questions still linger in our android broaded minds. When will this new swipe up app quick Launch feature be made available because, Google just recently launched the new android 4.3 but the extra swipe up feature was absent from it.

However, will it be made present during subsequent or rather, minor android updates or the next major update? Only time will tell

Another question is when the feature is made available, will users be able to set their preferred apps instead of the default camera app and some selected few? Given the current open feel of Android, we suspect the former.

The app quick launch swipe will really mean alot and will help us scale the hurdles of unlocking and then searching for the app we intend using.

Think this is necessary or not? Share your feelings in the comment box below


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