Google safe browsing begins blocking sites with fake download buttons


As a web user, you must have at one time or the other encountered social engineering in a deceptive download button or an image ad that falsely claims your system is out of date. As regular web visitor and downloader, I can tell you that these deceptive buttons can be very frustrating. Picture, trying to download a 5MB audio file, upon clicking the download button, four more browser tabs pops up with each of them streaming some useless audio message or video and you still couldn’t download the file, that’s really vexing.

Well, the good news is that we will soon be seeing less of or not seeing these pesky fake download buttons and it’s likes, when surfing the net. Google recently announced that the company will be “expanding Safe Browsing protection to protect you from such deceptive embedded content, like social engineering ads”.

Google safe browsing warning. This will appear when you attempt accessing a site with deceptive ads
Below are some examples of deceptive content, shown via ads:
This image claims that your software is out-of-date to trick you into clicking “update”.


This image mimics a dialogue from the FLV software developer — but it does not actually originate from this developer.
An example of fake download button passing as a the real download button
Google stated that the safe Safe Browsing protection fight will be improved continually to help more people stay safe online.
Google started their safe browsing protection campaign back in November. Initially the program was aimed at protecting web users from social engineering attacks – deceptive tactics that try to trick you into doing something dangerous, like installing unwanted software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).
To sum it all, it will be a good riddance to bad rubbish. What do you think?
Source: Google


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