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Google working on distributing 5G network with Drones


Google is reportedly working o a secret project, codenamed “project skybender”, A project similar to project loon. For those who do not know what project loon is, it is a Google sponsored project aimed at delivering internet access to countries or underdeveloped area’s of the world. The medium of the internet delivery are floating balloons that will communicate to the ground.

The project skybender is similar to project loon, in terms of delivering internet to area’s without internet access, and That’s where the similarity ends. As the project skybender uses drones to transmit millimetre-wave radio transmissions. High frequency millimetre waves can hypothetically data up to 40 times more than today’s 4G LTE systems.

According to our news source, The Gaurdian, Google is carrying out this project in spaceport America in New Mexico, near a town called Truth or Consequences (your surprise is as good as mine. What kind of name is that) . Report says Google is making use of a hangar owned by Virgin Galactic, the use of the hangar cost the company $1,000 a day. Furthermore, it is reported that Google had divide its skybender test into two flight campaigns due to concerns raised by Virgin Galactic.

According to The Gaurdian, Google has refused to comment on their report, an indicator that the project was not meant to public, at least in the foreseeable future

You may wonder what Google stands to gain from this project. Well, its a give and take project, reason being that the search engine giant will provide internet to those without internet, who are about 60% of the world (According to Internet Live Stats, only about 40% of the world  has an internet connection) and in turn they will probably make their money via online searches and browsing made by people from these area’s. Browsing and searching is pivotal in Google business.

What is your thought o project “Loon” and Project “Skybender”? Do you think its possible? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: The Gaurdian


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  1. I have not even used 4G and now you wanna introduce 5G. I feel like crying… Good job Google. Money answers all things

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