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Hands-On : Infinix HOT Review (X507)


Infinix HOT was launched few months back at an event in Lagos. It is a 5′ inch quad-core device running Android 4.4.2Kitkat Os. I’ve Been playing with this device for over a week now and there is so much to talk about. Here’s my Hands-On Review Of Infinix HOT (X507)

Image : Infinix HOT Pack

Before we proceed further I will like you to check out Infinix HOT Unboxing (Photos)

Here’s A Quick Rundown Of Infinix HOT Specs.

SIM type: Micro-SIM/Dual SIM
Announced: November 2014
Dimension: 142.4 x 73.2 x 10.1 mm
Display: 5.0 inches, 854 x 480 pixels
Memory: 16GB, plus micro SD card slot
Camera: 5MP back with LED flash, 2.0MP
OS: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
Chipset: Mediatek MT6582
CPU: Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
GPU: Mali-400 MP
Radio: Yes (Test FM Recording)
Battery: 2000 mAh
Price: N13,400

The Good

•Big Screen , 5.0 inches , Good For Gaming

•Good Battery Life

•Camera Gesture

•Smooth Performance

•FM and Sound Recording Features

The Bad

• Average Camera Quality

• No LED Notification Signal

•Phone Gets Hot from Heavy Useage.

Body , Display And Design

Infinix HOT has a 5.0inch display , Good for Gaming and Good for browsing!. It is 10.1mm thick and its body is made of plastic.  It feels good on hand , doesn’t feel like you’re carrying anything.

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Image : Infinix HOT Front View
Image : Infinix HOT Back View

The volume and unlock buttons are on the right hand side while the earpiece spot(3.5mm) and charging point are on the top

Image : Infinix HOT Volume And Unlock Buttons
Image : Infinix HOT Earpiece Spot And Charging Point

It has a removeable back cover. The volume and unlock buttons are attached to the cover , so once the cover is removed , there is no way to power on the phone or increase volume when playing music.

Infinix HOT is a dual sim Smartphone. It has two SIM slots. Sim 1 supports Dual SIM(Normal Sim) while SIM 2 Supports Only Micro SIM.

Image : Infinix HOT SIM And Memory Card Slot

The front camera(2MP) is located On the right hand side. Sadly , this device has No LED Notification Signal.

Memory , Performance And Operating System

This device has Cortex-A7 Quad-Core Mediaek Processors clocked at 1.3Ghz Frequency and 1GB RAM. With this kind of Specs one will expect at least , a decent performance and Infinix HOT did not fail to Impress. Apps and Games ran smoothly and multitasking was effortless but i noticed a major drawback. The phone gets unnecessarily Hot even during light useage. Meanwhile Here’s a benchmark test of Infinix HOT :

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Image : Infinix HOT Benchmark Test

It has an internal memory of 16GB and Runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat. I am very impressed with the memory , it is large and well partitioned..

Image : Infinix HOT Internal Memory


Infinix HOT supports Bluetooth, WiFi , and WiFi-Hot Spot Connections. It also supports 2G and 3G network options. Since its a dual SIM phone , 3G network can be enabled only one sim. You can change the settings by navigating from Home > Settings >Network > 3G service.

Image : Infinix HOT 3G Service Settings

It also has an FM Recording Feature. This feature let’s you record what is currently been played by a radio station.

Battery Life

I am very Impressed with the battery life of INFINIX HOT. It has a 2000mAh battery capacity , but it was able to satisfy my mobile needs. I am a very heavy mobile user but HOT was able o satisfy me for 6hours (when fully charged.. Awesome!!!

Image : Infinix HOT 2000mAh Battery


Image : Infinix HOT Camera

Infinix HOT has a 5.0MP back camera and 2.0MP back Camera. I tested the camera on 2occasions and from the results I got , the camera performs far better outdoor than indoor.

Case Study 1 , At a wedding

My sister tried out the camera at a wedding.

Here , This is outside the event center. She took a selfie with the Back 5.0MP Camera

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Image : My Elder Sister

Few minutes later , she took another one inside the event center filled with lights.

Image : My Elder Sister

You can see the difference. The colour on the first (outside) was better and clearer that the second(inside)

Case Study 2 , My vicinity

I was chilling at home yesterday when I decided to test the camera once more.

Image : A Car Packed On The Street

Here , I took photo of a car parked on the street early in the day.

Later at Night , took a photo of the chair in my house..

Image : A Chair

Once again , the indoor camera quality was poor even with the flash on.

The front camera is OK for taking selfies. Here is one my sisters took


The camera also has gesture feature which allows you take photos by just swiping your hand.

Image : Activate Infinix HOT Gesture Feature

Overall , the camera quality is average. To get the best quality , you will need to take photos outdoor.

My Verdict ; overall , Infinix HOT is a cool smartphone. It definitely worth the price and it is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones this festive season. Get yours today! Buy It Now (#16,400)

Kenyans can get it on Jumia Kenya

Please if you have any questions let me know.

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Ikechukwu MaxkDAVE

Ikechukwu Onu is a Certified Full-stack Digital Marketer and Digital Media Pundit with a profound interest in all things tech. When he is not working, you’ll find him at an outreach, hang out with friends, or streaming a series/movies.


  1. Good write up bro. Please what is the function of the LED Notification Signal you talked abt?
    does d phone get hot unncessarily? bcos som1 was telling me it’s like it does.

    Overall, thanks 4 a good write up. Awaiting your reply.

    1. Hi Seun ,

      LED Notification is a red light that blinks whenever you have a notification on your phone. (Text message , Whatsapp chat , e.t.c)

      About the Hotness i experienced it once.. I happened when i used the phone for about 3hours without stopping.

      If you need anymore info let me know.

      Have a nice day

  2. really dix phone ix d best phone hv seen with a low price.
    1g RAM. wow!!!!!
    I don’t thick dy ix any mobile company dat can offer a phone like dix wit d price.
    if any pls let me know

    1. Yea, the phone is really cheap at that price, wow!

      Kelvin howfar, it’s been a while since your review. Hope the phone is still representing?

      1. Yes it is! but i noticed the battery life has gone down. i barely use it for up to 3hours after charge.

        1. Hmm, 3 hours! That’s not a good sign. Battery-life is really important.

          Do you think these affordable brands that are coming into Naija will be worth the investment in the long run? Have you tried any InnJoo?

          1. I think they will be worth the investment in the Long run. Most of them have started innovating and adding new features to their budget friendly Smartphones.

            No I haven’t tried innjoo yet. But I’m Expecting to get my hands on Innjoo Fire soon.

  3. you said red notification light for texts, calls and whatsapp. Can we download light flow app to customize color of leds or is it fixed? Let me know asap. Thanks

  4. Hey there kelvin. Nice review. But I disagree with you on the battery. It is slightly bad. It drains quickly…

    1. Hello , Thanks For The Comment.

      Personally , The Battery Serves Me Well. I Can get up to 6hours of heavy use age if fully charged

  5. Please how do i clear some icons on the screen of the infinix hot phone,thanx a lot for ur explanations,i have been disturbing my self trying to locate how to put on the led indicator.please kindly reply now plsea,what is the current price of the infinix hot now???

  6. Please I av an ifinix hot,I mistakenly pressed a button looking like recycle sign on the WiFi menu.(wps),since doing this my fine cannot connect to my router via WiFi again.please is Dr any help u can render

  7. thinking of buying infinix hot X 507 but i heard of innjoo fire being better in terms of flash light..battery and led it true

  8. thinking of buying infinix hot X 507 but i heard of innjoo fire being better in terms of flash light..battery and led it true..pls reply

    1. Honestly , it is difficult to say which is superior. But Innjoo fire edges out slightly in overall performance.

  9. Jeremy, for me the innjoo fire is a no no

    ==>First of all, the Wi-Fi automatically
    disconnects after some time, meaning you’ll have
    to reconnect it back at intervals.
    ==>It get unnecessarily hot during heavy usage
    like killer gaming and when on 3G.
    ==>The earpiece isn’t as loud as expected. If you
    are in a noisy environment, you won’t here
    ==>Sim one and sim 2 supports only Micro sim
    size which is a little bit turn off for me.

  10. I ve not been able to browse for more than two months now since i rubscribed to etisalat unlimited,and it has expired. what do i do?

  11. Dear Android Nigeria, I have a problem with Infinix Hot 2 with Android OS, the choose sim menu does not offer the “always ask option” hence to use any sim for call or data I must go back and change it from the settings which is really not convenient especially since I bought the phone for my father. What can I do please?

  12. My infinity hot x507 screen working normal when it is not locked but when it is its very hard to open. I did not use pattern or password

    1. Kindly remove your SIM and memory card and switch ON your device to see if you would experience the same fault again. You might be having low RAM/ROM on your device. If this works. you will need to uninstall some apps/games and remove some files on your memory card to free some space.

  13. Your comment.. I get unsolicited adverts on my phone, phonograph and all sorts, each time I have data subscription active, how can I disable that. I have formated and uninstalled all app but no head way. can someone help?

    1. You must have installed an application that is bringing unsolicited adverts to your device. Disable your background data before switching on your data connection. Also try scanning your device for virus with a laptop.

  14. Pls i’m thinking of getting another device battery for my infinix hot….pls do you have any idea of a phone that uses exactly same battery with infinix hot X507

    1. It’s always advisable to use the right battery for the device. You can visit Infinix office or Carl Care Centre closer to you to purchase the battery.
      For similar battery size, I don’t really know it’s best you take the phone to the computer village if the battery can’t be purchased anywhere in Nigeria then the guys at computer villages can cook a temporary battery for you.
      I had similar experience and I used the cooked battery for two weeks until I could get the exact battery.

  15. I bought infinix hot 3 on 24th, September, 2016 at Emeka Of for plaza, main market Onitsha, after two weeks the phone got spoilt, I returned the phone to where I bought it they took it to a carlcare at anambra, after a month I was given a new one on 3rd November, 2016. The phone just developed a fault in December 2016, If am charging the phone, the battery will be reducing instead of increasing. I took to a carlcare at kofo abayomi for repair and I was told its a fake phone, not an original infinix phone.

    1. That is serious. I will advise you retrace your steps if that is possible. By retrace, I mean go to the original sellers of the device. Hopefully, they will replace your device if you press hard enough.

  16. Infinix hot is really good. I don’t know why some f your are complaining about having a bad experience of it. It is well.

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