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Help With Getting The IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Smartphone


Every phone comes with an IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number…..The IMEI number is valid for GSM, LTE and UMTS Mobiles and is most useful for finding the location of a particular phone , so therefore it is important to note down the imei number of your phone ….. To get the imei number , dial *#06# on your phone to display your imei…
But In a situation when you need to track the location of your lost Android smartphone but you dont have your IMEI number , tracking your device becomes a bit difficult..Anyways , there is a solution to that which i’m writing on

How To Get The IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Smartphone.

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There is a function called Email Synchronization, available for android smartphones……with this function you can synchronise your smartphone with your Google email account and all your files will be uploaded to google’s server….

How To Find Your IMEI Number With Google

**NOTE : you must have synchronized your smartphone with your google account BEFORE YOUR PHONE WAS LOST….

*.Go to the Google Dashboard and login with your email id which you have synchronized your Android phone previously.

*.On the Dashboard, select the Android device and press the link “More Data Stored about This Device”.

*.You Will See The Imei Number Of Your Android Smartphone

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Its as simple as that…If you’re reading this article and you havent synchronized your android phone with your google account , i advise you to do it ASAP..

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  1. Initially I was a Novice to all these until I discovered the Uniqueness of IMEI Number. Thanks For the post.

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