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How to change all itel smartphones imei with ease


Changing itel smartphones imei is the easiest and currently the fastest. The most exciting aspect is that you don’t need any software or install any android app on your phone. It took me less than 1 minute to change the imei of itel inote it1502 so I can use GLO blackberry subscription on the device.

NOTE: You don’t need to root your phone to change itel imei.

Steps in Changing itel Android IMEI
Step 1- Just Dial *#*#83781#*#* on your iTel smartphone, then a screen title “Engineer Mode” would show automatically.


Step 2- Scroll Down and Select “Set IMEI“. the phone should display your IMEI(s).
Step 3- change all or any of the
IMEI being displayed with the one(s) you want and then, Click “Set IMEI“.

Step 4- A confirmation message will pop-up, Click OK and Reboot the Phone. once the phone is rebooted, your iTEL android device IMEI should now be changed.

To confirm that the IMEI has been successfully changed, simply dial *#06# .

This tutorial has been tested on itel inote it1502 (4.4Kitkat)…

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    1. Pls following d above procedure. There is no Set IMEI Option on my screen. Itel Prime It1701. Still can’t find an App that can change d IMEI, d android phone has already been rooted successfully.

  1. It has work perfectly on my itel it1502 thanks for the offer we really appreciate your efforts on this.

  2. Please Kelvin I have all the methods u posted for changing imei of my itel 1502 and all failed. I have rooted the phone. Please help.

      1. I have tried this method severally before trying the above procedure u explained. After installing d MTK Engineering App, I opened it and it says “Engineering Mode not found”. Itel Prime It1701 is my android phone, pls I need help changing its IMEI

  3. Good evening, please urgent assistance is needed on itel it 1701 (prime note) this charge is killing and need to get an alternative.

    Thank you.

  4. Maybe you didn’t do the right thing. The screenshot I used it it1502 while working on the smartphone and the previous commenter testified that it worked for him.
    Kindly try it again.

  5. Hello. please all d above method doesn’t work for itel note prime it1701. kindly see to our case o…a beg

  6. pls i use itel it1501, i have tried using shortcut master but i couldn’t find set imei, can u help m out to change d imei.. thanks

  7. sir, I’ll really appreciate if you can give me another method to change the imei of my itel prime, the above methods didt not work as there’s no option for ‘set imei’

  8. with my phone i cant see anything like that .
    That the telephony :this is what i see AUTO ANSWER -off/on
    CFU -default
    NETWORK MODEL -please inputcuccsimto set
    FAST DORMANCY -off/on
    VIDEO PTYE -H263 prefer
    QOS SWITCH -close off/on
    SPRDILON -close off/on
    VT OPTION -open off /on
    PLSENSOR -enabled off/on
    Now which one should i select

  9. Thks for Ur concern pls help me out with itel i1502 I av tried shortcut master and likes but can’t change the imei and i also tried several code same pls help if it is possible to change I will be grateful to u pls email me thks

  10. hi brova i really apreciate ur good work nice one.buh i tried changing my itel1501 buh nofin like set imei plsss help.fingers in d air for u brooo

  11. I can’t change my it1505 imei
    I’ve used the phone engineering mode but no place like set imei
    I’ve used your app but when I click MTK settings it says cannot find engineering app
    please help
    Bless you

    please help
    the phone is a new release
    or send me on whatsapp

  12. it’s not working on phone itel vision (1505). it doesn’t show anything like “set imei”. please help me on it

  13. Am having same issh with Itel 1505 vision. its not giving me the set imei option and av tried using mobile uncle and Engr mtk to no avail. please be be of help

  14. please if you find out another method to
    change my itel1505 Imei kindly forward it
    to my email (

  15. Itel device are not mtk devices, they are spreastrum device so using mtk engineering tool cannot work. Do more research and stop all these copy and paste all of you guys are doing on the Internet

  16. I succeeded in changing the IMEI of my phone (IT1502).

    but the glo bis is still not working on it. Is there anything else I have to change.
    please I need urgent reply

    1. Hello Unclekay,
      Did you change your imei? Change it to this:
      user: web
      pass: web

    1. Hello Debbie, your phone speaker is faulty. Its best to take the device to Carl Care Center closer to you or you meet a professional phone repairer to fix it for you. This is a hardware fault.

  17. pls I don’t even understand which is rooting,and the reason to change imei..but my it1506 seems to be a toy ..any hope?

    1. Hey,
      You root your device when you need functionality more than what the phone allows you. There certain treats or games cheats or treated games you cannot use in a phone that is not rooted. As good as this may sound, rooting comes with its own hazard. One is that rooting breaks the manufacturers digital seal on the phone; therefore, you lose the garranty that covers the device. Two is that you risk being hacked/your device being hijacked by malware apps that can access your phones information without your knowledge. Then there is the risk of bricking your phone. You phone goes all white and unresponsive (there is a way back from it though).

      In conclusion, if you want to root your device it should be for a good reason, say, you want to increase your productivity.

      Pheeew that was lengthy brief, hope it was helpful?

  18. please, my itel s31 has failed to show apps, when i power on, the screen remains blank, what could be the problem. thanks.

    1. Your complaint suggest that your phone’s memory is bad or perhaps it boots in safe mode (even so, it should show the applications that came installed with the device). I advice that you use another memory card and try to install some applications and see what happens. Don’t forget to scan your phone with a laptop antivirus and mobile antivirus for any malware or ransomware. If these steps does not remedy the situation, then you should take your device to a Carl Care center nearest to you. Good luck.

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