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How to Reset Android Data Usage counter


Due to the heavy data usage on my device,  I do get warning notifications from my device showing me data usage limit exceeded though I see no harm in that. As a result of today being the 2nd January 2015, I have reset my data usage counter on my Android device.
By default we can only reset this counter by factory reset which is not advisable. Here is a tutorial of how I reset my Android data usage counter with ease.

How to Reset Data Usage counter on your Android device

– You will need a file manager app with Root access. I recommend this X-plore file manager

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To enable superuser access on X-plore

Click on your menu button > configuration > Root Access > Superuser. (see the screenshots below)

Click Configuration
Root Access
Click Superuser

– browse to /data/system/netstats folder. there you see all record files.

NOTE : if you haven’t turn on root access, you will see /data folder empty but actually its not

– delete all the files on it and then restart your phone. now you will see your data counter is resetted.
That’s All!

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  1. Thank You. My phone is tired of counting sef. The only importance of this is that it notifies someone of the amount of data used within a specific period of time

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