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How to stop automatic Media Download on WhatsApp App


Sometimes it’s annoying when you discover your WhatsApp automatically downloaded some media files like pictures, musics or videos shared in a group without your permission. With this feature active on your phone, the rate at which your data bundle decreases is alarming. Next thing I did when I had this problem was just to find a way of stopping the Auto download in App. Most individuals think it’s an inbuilt feature on the App and never bother to check for a way out. If you would like to Stop this Auto Download of Media files on your Android phone, then follow the below procedures:

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How to Stop Auto Download Picture, Audio and Video on WhatsApp App

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1. Launch your Whatsapp Messenger, you would have list of your chat.

2. Press the Menu button on your device and Click on Settings.

3. Now click on Chat Settings. You would have another page as shown above.

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4. Click on Media Auto Download and you would be provided with a new page with three list of options.

5. Here you would see three options which are Auto Download with mobile data (Media you choose here will download automatically when your phone mobile data is switched on). Second Option is media download when you are connected to a wifi or wireless network (media option you set there would auto download only when you connect to a WiFi or Wireless connections). There’s also roaming which implies what should be done to Media when the network connection is roaming.

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6. To stop all auto downloads open the three (when using mobile data, when using wifi and when Roaming) one after the other and untick all options, save by clicking ok and you should have it as above.

As from now on you will be able to save data bundle because any media file sent to you would not download unless you click on it..

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  1. A knowledge of this is very important for not downloading every media especially photos sent to someone on WhatsApp

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