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How To Use Your Android Smartphone As A Wifi Hotspot For Free


Sometimes it could be very fustrating when we find ourself in a situation when we need to urgently access the internet via pc , only to remember that we forgot our modem at home..At that point we’ld be looking for some desperate means to get internet connection , why not convert your android smartphone to a Wifi Hotspot???

Converting your android smartphone to a wifi hotspot is quite easy , although we will need a third party app


Convert Your Android Smartphone To A Wifi Hotspot

>>Install a third-party power widget app. I recommend Extended Controls And it only costs 99 cents.

>> Add an Extended Controls widget to your home screen (look for the widget called “Extended Controls (1×1)”). When you add the widget, the app will automatically prompt you to configure it. In the setup, select “Add new toggle,” then select “Hotspot Wi-Fi” and tap the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen.

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If you want to put additional toggles on the widget, meanwhile, start with one of the larger Extended Controls widget options — 1×2, 1×3, or1x4 — and set it up as you wish.)

Thats all….You can now activate a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone anytime you want; just tap the new widget on your home screen to toggle the function on or off..

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