HTC President Calls Samsung Galaxy S5 ”A Cheap Piece Of Plastic”


We cannot argue the fact that both HTC and Samsung produces phones with nice specs but when it comes to sales , HTC has always played second fiddle to samsung. Both companies launched their flagship smartphones at almost the same time in the Q1 of 2014 and so , there’s a bit of competition between them , which is perhaps the reason why HTC’s president didnt restrain his opinion about Samsung as a company and The Samsung Galaxy S5 as a phone.

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Here’s What HTC’s President , Jason Mackenzie , said about his company , HTC.

“We’re a company that invests in our customers and delivers a beautifully designed product that you can feel proud of,”

When asked on what he feels about samsung , here’s what he said ,

“Samsung is a company that’s focused on investing in advertising.”

What Does This Mean?? : If you can read through the lines , you’ld find out that what the president is actually trying to say is that Samsung’s success doesn’t come from making great devices, but from its massive marketing and advertising budget.

“I think they play to their strength; they say, ‘we have a lot of cash, let’s go out and paint the world blue,'”And I think that’s evident when you look at that product.” – He Added

When Asked for his opinion on Samsung Galaxy S5 , He’s what he said.

“If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there’s a solution for you,”

What Does This Mean?? : What Jason Mackenzie is trying to say is that samsung might create phones with nice specs but everything wouldnt make sense if the cover is made from poorly designed and cheap-feeling plastic.

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On a second thought , Jason Mackenzie opinion of Samsung Galaxy S5 is the truth The same thing tech geeks have been saying about Samsung phones for years now: That they’re made out of poorly designed and cheap-feeling plastic. In Aspect of design , Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot be compared HTC ONE 2014. The Body Of New HTC One has a ‘Sleek Metallic Design” while Samsung Galaxy S5 Is made from ”Cheap Piece Of Plastic”(According To HTC’s President) :D

HTC Has Definately Scored A Point Against Samsung.. So the Scoreline Is

HTC 1 vs Samsung 0 . *Winks*

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  1. Hmm. Trolling the product of another Android company is not good at all. It won’t make yours better neither will it bring their down.

  2. HTC president is really looking for trouble. Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a cheap piece of plastic.

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