I Love Mobile Power banks ! – Here’s Why


I am a Mobiholic. I spend more time with my phone than any other gadget. Due to my heavy mobile usage , I rely on power banks to keep me going. I have a lot of experience when it comes to powerbanks . I have tasted the good , the bad and ugly side of power banks. Inspite of  this all I still can’t do without it. I currently have 3powerbanks and I’m planning to get one more. This time , I’m going for the kill ; A 20,000mAh capacity power bank.

My 3 Mobile Powerbanks

Why do I love power banks so much? The reason is simple ; It Is A Life Saver. In country where the power supply is not steady , we cannot fully depend on our phone battery. We need an extra backup just for emergency purpose.

I also love power banks for their portability. Very easy to carry about. Dosen’t feel like an extra liability. Always there for you.

My 4200mAh Powerbank

How Long Does My Power bank Serve Me?

My Powerbank Charging My Phone

How long a power bank can serve depends on 2 factors ;

*Its Storage Capacity.
*Your Phone’s Battery Capacity.

For instance , I have a 4200mAh Capacity Power bank. Meanwhile My phone has a 2000mAh Battery. So mathematically speaking , my power bank can give me 2x Charge from 0 – 100%. Cool!

On the other hand , there are also some “Not So Cool” things about power banks. This includes :

The Larger The Capacity The  Longer The Charging Time : Yes! Power banks take too much time to fully charge and somehow its a turn off. The larger the capacity of your power bank the longer it takes to charge. For instance , My 4200mAh power bank takes well over 8hours to fully charge. So if you have a 20,000mAh power bank it will take you well over 1day to fully charge.  I just wish power banks could have fast charging feature !.*Whew**

Phone And Powerbank Becomes HOT When Charging : I think this is a general issue with all power banks. When you’re charging your phone with a power bank , both the phone and the power bank will develop high temperature. But don’t worry , it will cool down when you’re done charging.

Overall , power banks are good and it is a must have for every smartphone user.

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  1. I don’t think you love Mobile power banks more than me. I have bought so many because I can’t bear to have an empty phone battery…
    Besides I like Facebooking

  2. The specifications written on power banks are not always what the power bank contains. Please which model of power bank can retain it charged energy for so long when in use?

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