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The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device


Infinix S2 launched about 3 weeks ago. AndroidNigeria was given a unit for review. And for these past 2 weeks or so, we have put the phone to the test and the impressions we have of the device will make you desperate to own the device or not so desperate to own the device. For the Infinix S2, I am the chief tester; and I will be your guide in this review.

Before we begin, if you are not familiar with the specifications of the Infinix S2, here is a recap.

  • Display:2-inch HD
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Internal Storage: 16GB ROM (expandable with microSD of up to 128GB)
  • Processor: MT6753, Octa Core 1.3GHz
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow + XOS UI
  • Camera: 13MP + 8MP (Front), 13MP (Rear)
  • SIM: Dual (Hybrid)
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • 4G Support: Yes

Along with the smartphone, these are other accessories in the box:

  • 1 ejector pin
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 power adapter
  • User guide
  • 1 pair of earphones
  • 1 protective film

That is all there is to the specifications and accessories of the device. That said, the first impression you would likely get or I got on opening the S2’s pack was that the S2 was a spitting image of its predecessor, Infinix Hot S. It is not a great feeling, because it suggests that little effort was put into reinventing/improving the looks of the device but on the bright side, it means that the Infinix S2 has a premium look – more than enough to get a nod of approval and respect.

In hand, the device feels light and solid. The devices power button has a jagged surface, which allows for a solid grip.  On the front, you will see the dual cameras on the right side of the device. At the back, there is the rear camera, just underneath, is the LED flash and a step further down there is the fingerprint scanner.


Infinix S2 comes with a 5.2-inch HD display. If you ask me; it is a fitting resolution for a device of its status and pricing. Colours come to life, pictures are more detailed and lively and videos are more immersive in HD – you will experience this when using the Infinix S2.  The devices screen has a fine colour balance, red is red and green is green. The S2 gets a pass mark in this category.

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The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 2
Screenshot of S2 homescreen
The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 3
Screenshot of the notification bar


On to the next,


Infinix S2 comes with a 16GB internal memory and 2GB RAM. You have an option to increase storage space when you sacrifice a SIM (the device has a hybrid SIM port). Without mincing words, that is not cool and it becomes somewhat exasperating when you discoverthat the phone comes preloaded with apps (bloatware) that hogs halve the internal memory. You have just 7.22GB to play with. Of course, you can uninstall most of the bloatware.

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 4
Available memory space


For some this space is more than enough, but for those who use their smartphone as a flash drive, hard disk, film depot, or play heavy games you most likely will have to consider sacrificing a SIM card for a memory card.

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 5

Infinix S2’s 2GB RAM – 2GB RAM has been a regular feature in phones, even the Hot S has a 2GB RAM. With 2GB RAM on board, you should have a moderate expectation of what the device can do. While using the device to run various tasks I did not notice any lag. The S2 held its own quite well while I played score hero, temple run, FIFA 17 and shuttled between various applications. Beyond this level of multitasking, you should expect the S2’s RAM to show signs of strain perhaps after hours of use.
I ran Antutu Benchmark app for visual and operation performace and these are the results obtained

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 6 The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 7 The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 8


The device’s temperature tethered between normal (cool) – moderate (warm) during use and maintained a warm temperature while charging. Of course, your body temperature also influences the devices body temperature.



Infinix S2 comes with front speakers for calls; double speakers located at the bottom of the device and an earpiece. In my opinion, the sound quality of the S2’s inbuilt speakers and earpiece is below par. Infinix S2’s sound system does not represent the device in the manner I expected it to. The speakers produce a sound that is chime(y) with little to no bass.  This image expresses my impression of the sound.

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 9

By my standard (as a certified audiophile), Infinix S2 did not perform well in this category. Even so, owning the phone does not mean saying goodbye to good sound. You can always get a set of headphones and external speakers.

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Infinix S2 debuted with a 3,000mAh battery equipped with a fast charge feature. 3,000mAh is a lot but not so much. A battery of this size is expected to serve for a day when used moderately and the S2’s battery does just that. Under low-moderate use, you can get by on a single full charge for two days, especially when you use the device minimally.

I used the device with moderate to high intensity for a whole day, during the said 24-hours; I streamed videos on Youtube, watched a movie, took pictures, surfed the net, and downloaded a portion of the latest OS update for the device. I still had some battery juice left by nightfall, 3% to be precise. Switched the device to Ultra power saving mode and I got 4-hours standby from the device until the battery drained to 1% and I switched the device off (Note: it is not good for your battery to drain completely, as total drain shortens the lifespan of the battery).


The device charges from 0 to 100% in 2 hours when switched off.

Power on/off: Infinix S2 powers off in 5 secs and powers on in 44 secs. A good time if you ask me. Meanwhile, compared to other devices the S2 fairs well.


The cameras of the S2 was all the talk before its launch. Using the device, I understand why Infinix kept on yapping about it. The company did a decent work on the device’s cameras and they should be proud to show it. Infinix S2 sports dual front camera’s, 8MP and 13MP matched with LED flash (they are capable of taking a 135-degree wide-angle shot) while a 13MP camera is strapped to the S2’s rear. It also comes with a LED flash.

When it comes to camera’s its best to let them speak for themselves through the pictures they can capture. The Infinix S2’s cameras does a lot of talking – the Pro kind of talk. That said, let us have a look at some pictures taken with the S2. Note: Most of the pictures shown were taken in the evening when the sun was going east, the reason being that it is the only way to truly test the capabilities of a camera of this standard. Any camera can produce good pictures under proper lighting.

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Infinix S2 Review The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 10The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 11

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 12
Taken with the back camera

No pixelation when you zoom with the S2

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 13
This image was taken on 4x zoom. Details are intact and almost as good as a normal camera focus.


The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 14
This photo was taken with the camera on 3x spuer zoom.

The pictures below were taken in the evening

The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 15
taken with front camera @3:55. You can see the wide vision field of the S2’s dual camera.

Infinix S2 Review The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 16 The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 17 The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 18

You also get some interesting features to play with. There is a professional camera feature (as shown in the screenshot below), that gives you total control of everything (ISO, EV, M,) regarding the rear camera’s lens and the subsequent picture output. Other than that, you also get to take pictures using a number of filter options.

Infinix S2 Review The Infinix S2 review and our impressions of the device 19

Infinix S2’s camera is the main strength of the device. Pictures taking with the device can pass as pictures taking with a digital camera. Owing a device with a camera of this standard will naturally make you an itinerary photographer because you are confident that whatever you see and want to capture will come out well.

On that note, we come to the end of this review. Here is my overall take on this one. While it cannot be argued that the Infinix S2 is a great device to own. However, when compared to its predecessor, the Hot S, the S2 only consolidates and improves the great camera feature of its predecessor. For a current Hot S owner, buying the S2 will not feel like a significant upgrade; therefore going for the S2 Pro will be logically sound if you have extra bucks to dole out. If you do not have the extra cash, the S2 will serve you well.

For those, who have not experienced the camera goodness of the Hot S series or any Infinix device for that matter. Infinix S2 is a great device to start your journey into awesome photography if you are looking for good performance and great cameras. If you need more performance, extra storage and great cameras, then stepping up to purchase the S2 Pro will be an action you will be proud of.


What are your thoughts on the Infinix S2 and the review; what do you love about the device? Is the device great for the price? Is there a test you would love to see? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. They are very valuable to the Android community.



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  1. This is one of the best infinix device out there, a friend of mine owns it in school, it is our official school camera, the pictures taken with this device is simply amazing i must say

  2. I wouldn’t advice even my enemies to buy the infinix s2pro it’s a useless phone total waste of hard earned money, I bought mine at Genuss in Ikeja Lagos on Oct 5 2017 and after one week it developed earpiece problems (unbelievable!!! a brand new phone of above 54k) I took it back and they took it 4 repairs and I was without the phone for two weeks after I only used it 4 a week and they reset the phone wiping all my contacts and messages it was a traumatic experience my business has still not recovered due to the contact loss
    I also discovered that you can’t zoom in on pictures to see intricate details
    I regret the day I opted 4 infinix and am never buying their phones ever again
    the s2pro is a total waste of cash

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