Infinix Zero 2 , Samsung Galaxy S6 , One Plus Two , And the Android Smart phones To Expect In 2015


As we countdown to 2015 , we take a look at Top Android smartphones to expect next year


1.) Infinix Zero 2 :


Infinix Zero was a big hit , one of the best android smatphones in Nigeria last year. This device sold over 100,000 units in the first few months. The successor to Infinix zero , Infinix Zero 2is already in the making and is expected to Launch in May 2015

Update : The full Specifications of Zero 2 is Out : INFINIX ZERO 2 X509 SPECS

Samsung galaxy s6
2) Samsung Galaxy S6 : Samsung has made it a tradition to release a flagship device in “Galaxy S Series” and  2015 is not going go be an exemption. 

Samsung’s most recent flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5, hasn’t met expectations when it comes to sales. And so the manufacturer will be looking to its next model as something of a reboot. Galaxy S6 is already in the making , and from few Leaks we’ve seen so far , this device will Look like nothing we’ve ever seen before

UPDATE : Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched!! More details HERE

Xperia z4

3.) Sony Xperia Z4 : There are lots of rumors surrounding Xperia Z4. . A super-fast processor and a camera upgrade are the order of the day but Sony needs to create a big splash if it’s to make a dent in terms of market sales.

Of course we’d like to see the 4K video recording feature actually work this time around, while a QHD display is the logical next step up for the screen.

Xperia Z4 may come as early as nextmonth , January 2015.

UPDATE : Sony Xperia Z4 has been lauched. More details HERE

4.) LG G4 :


LG G3 is one of the best smart phones of 2014 and we ‘re expecting more from LG next year. LG G4 is rumored to sport metal casing , 5.3inches Display and 20.7MP Camera.

Update : LG G4 Has been launched! More details HERE

5.) HTC ONE M9 :

HTC is rumored to be in partnership with Bose to bring even better audio to the HTC M9.  Metallic Design , Android 5.0Lollipop , Better Processing Power , and High-camera quality are also what to expect from this device next year.

UPDATE : HTC ONE M9 Has been launched!! More details HERE

6.) One Plus Two


There is little or no info on One Plus Two but the signs are that it will retain the same low price level as its predecessor.

The OnePlus One delivered high-end specs at a budget price and we’d expect that formula to continue with the 2015 model. One upgrade we can predict is the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop to the OnePlus line-up, which should make it more appealing than ever.

Predicted Release Date : April 2015

Samsung galaxy note 4

7.) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : Galaxy Note 4 Is argueably the best phablet we’ve ever seen. Galaxy Note 5 May sport a 6inch 4k UHD Display with  2160 x 3840 pixel resolution and 746ppi density 

Predicted Release Date : October 2015


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