Instagram launches own video series now available


In a bid to promote entertainment via scripted videos, Instagram has begun its first video series, called ‘Shield 5’. The show follows the story of a security driver escaping arrest. The security driver is framed for aiding a diamond heist. Each episode of the series last for 15 seconds, with a total of  28 episodes, about 7 minutes max.

The show is directed by Anthony Wilcox, Adam Dewar co-created and wrote the script for the show. Shield 5 stars Christian Cooke, Elliot Gleave, Wallis Day, and Kieran O’Brien, producers of the show sere Mark Hopkins, Declan Reddington, and Julian Bird as the executive producer.

The first episode was scheduled for 2nd of February, and is tipped to be a series heavy on suspense that plot. This new feature from Instagram is believed to be done in hopes of increasing the number of IG users,as well as retain retain existing ones. By providing engaging content of the social app. Although, the idea of scripted video has being tried out by Snapchat with no success. It will be interesting to see now Instagram’s attempt pans out, for enjoy the show

If you have seen the first episode, what are your impressions of it? Share in the comment box.

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