Interview with Co-founder of Jide Technology, Creator of Remix OS


Jide Technology was founded by a trio of ex-google engineers with a mission to unlock the potentials of Android which is something google has neglected. Recently, Android Nigeria had an interview with David Ko, one of the co-founders of Jide Technology. Please find the interview below:

Android Nigeria (AN): Can you please introduce yourself and your company to us?
David Ko (DK): Jide Technology is a software company that was founded in early 2014 by 3 ex-Google engineers to pioneer productivity on Android through Remix OS, a productivity-focused version of Android. In 2015, the company launched the Remix Ultratablet, a 2-in-1 detachable tablet and the Remix Mini, the world’s first true Android PC. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, we announced a partnership with Tecno Mobile, where their latest 3-in-1 tablet will run Remix OS. The company is focused on making productive Android computing affordable and accessible to people throughout the world.

AN:   From your initial mail to us, We understand you left Google to start the Remix OS. How long were you in Google and why did you leave?
DK:   Jeremy Chau was the 103rd employee at Google and the first engineer to work on Google AdWords, staying there for 8 years. Ben Luk left Microsoft to join Google, where he worked on Google Maps and stayed at Google for 10 years. David Ko led Google’s Emerging Markets Mobile Team and worked at Google for 8 years. The three co-founders hold a total of over 26 years of experience at Google.


AN:   Tell us more about the Remix OS. Is it an offshoot of Android or a standalone OS?
DK:   Remix OS is 100% Android. It is re-engineered to provide a desktop experience and access to the entire ecosystem of more than 2 million Android apps. It gives true keyboard and mouse support and is optimized for multitasking by providing multiple resizable windows, a taskbar, and notifications. These are features that PC users on different platforms take for granted yet they are evolutionary on Android.


AN:   Your debut product, the Remix Mini, is said to be in different countries, can you tell us about the Remix Mini and can you mention some of these countries and how well the product is doing there?
DK:   In August 2015, we launched a crowd-funding campaign for the Remix Mini on Kickstarter, where we raised more than $1.6 million within 45 days, shipping almost 30,000 Mini PCs to backers in more than 125 countries. We jide-remix-mini-deskhave made the Mini available in the USA and Europe on Amazon, where we have received rave reviews.

The Remix Mini was designed to use the latest mobile technology to make productive Android computing accessible and affordable to people everywhere, particularly in emerging markets. We realized that people spend most of their computer time browsing the internet, sending emails and watching videos. Yet they sometimes spend more than N100,000 on large, expensive, power-inefficient computers that are prone to viruses and costly software. The Remix Mini consumes 1/20th the power of a typical tower PC, is a fraction of the cost, and allows you to enjoy low-cost and free Android apps with a desktop experience.

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AN:   Why would one opt for an Android PC?
DK:   Until now, Android has run on smartphones, smartwatches, TVs and even cars. It has been great for consuming content but most users find themselves having to go back to their desktops when they want to be productive. By using an Android PC with true multitasking, mouse and keyboard support and a desktop look-and-feel, users can become creators of content while enjoying access to the entire ecosystem of apps on the world’s most used operating system.
AN:   What edge does the Mini have over the Windows and Macs PCs?
DK:   Remix OS is the other biggest differentiator that the Mini has over Windows and Mac PCs. With over 2 million apps in the Android ecosystem, the range of what you can do on the platform is the most important edge that the Mini has over Windows and Mac PCs.

The Mini consumes 1/20th the power of a typical PC. Since you are using Android apps on the Mini, it is cheaper software than the expensive programs that you have to buy for a typical PC. It uses the latest mobile technology to bring down the cost of purchasing a computer and maintaining it.

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AN:   You are planning to launch your products in Nigeria. What informed this decision and why now?

DK:   Nigeria is one of the most exciting markets in Africa, with an entrepreneurial culture, a vibrant tech scene and the ability to set trends throughout the region. We are very optimistic about the prospects of tech in Nigeria in the long-run and understand that the government would like to diversify the economy.

AN:   Who are your targets in the Nigerian market? What are your set objectives for launching in the Nigerian market and possible expectations?
DK:   We have seen a lot of interest from Android lovers and early tech adopters. But our long-term view is that the Mini will be able to break barriers to information in education, empower small business owners and increase productivity for young professionals.
Students who have been excluded from learning online and creating content will be exposed to information from around the world.

AN:   How and where can Nigerians get your products after launch?
DK:   The Remix Mini will be available on a launch promotion on next Monday for N7,999, on Tuesday for N10,999 and on Wednesday for N14,999. The Mini will also then be available on for a limited-time discounted launch special of N16,999, instead of the full retail price of N29,999.

AN:   Do you have any plan for after sale services?
DK: Our global Jide Support Team will be available to answer any questions through our Help Center:

AN:   What other benefits will Nigerians stand to enjoy from organizations on the long run?
DK:Small business owners and innovators excluded from competing in global markets or accessing updated industry knowledge will be able to manage their businesses from an affordable PC, within the app ecosystem that they are already familiar with.

More young professionals will be able to organize, compile and present information more efficiently.
Remix Mini specs
Key features of the Remix Mini include:
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 (64-bit) Allwinner
  • Storage options: 16GB eMMC
  • Memory available: 2GB RAM
  • Size measures 1.0in (2.6cm) x 4.9in (12.4cm) x 3.5in (8.8cm)
  • Connect to HDMI monitor: Support most monitors in the market including HDMI.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet Port, and Bluetooth (4.0)

Stay glued to Android Nigeria as we would be reviewing this great device.

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