iPhone 6 vs Tecno Camon C8 : Camera Showdown!


We all know that Tecno is set to release a new smartphone that runs on android lollipop but that’s not all. The upcoming smartphone will launch with a 13MP camera with and 2 LED Flash light!!. Tecno says this smartphone shoots better pictures (in low light) than the almighty iPhone 6.

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Tecno gave us some facts about the camera of this smartphone :

Tecno’s first with Dual LED Flash plus 13.0MP Back camera

The closest Tecno had come to giving its fans ultra powerful camera on a smart phone is with the Tecno R7. Although the R7 lacked dual flash- something the upcoming phone has improved on with a 13MP Back camera and flash, also 5.0MP Front camera and flash.

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This smart phone has enough flash power to take pictures in the dark with powerful F2.0 aperture lens that gives the resultant image a crisp definition.

Camera lens imitates the human eyes

Remember how you can, in fraction of a second, narrow your focus on those tiny grains of sand while picking your brown beans for cooking? The human eyes can quickly focus on an object and that is because they use a mixture of contrast and phase detection.

The camera of this phone has phase detection auto focus much like the human eyes which allows it to focus more accurately and faster on an image than plain contrast phase detection on most smart phone cameras.

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Camera can take pictures in low-light

The power of this phone’s state-of-the-art LED flash together with its industry leading noise reducing 13MP Auto Focus Back camera tips the scale in image quality towards the better than the best region of things.

This smart phone will create amazing pictures no matter the lighting conditions of the environment-dawn, evening, twilight, the nightclub, pubs, lounges or beach it doesn’t matter, just take your pictures.

VisidonTM Face beautification effect

How can you take a self portrait without your face blemishes? For a start, take the portrait with the 5.0MP Front camera on Tecno’s new smart phone with Visidon face recognition technology that can “repair” your face using natural color face beautification. With just a click of the camera button, this smart phone will give you a facelift.

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Take pictures on Black screen

This smart phone gives you the power to focus your camera on the action while screen is on standby mode and still capture the moment. Double tap the special camera button by the phone’s side and the camera is ready to capture!.

Now here’s the competition.

iPhone 6 vs Tecno Camon C8

The photos below were taken in low light conditions (i.e at night).




Camon C8 price in Nigeria

Now over to you. Which smartphone shoots better pictures in low light? Tecno C8 or iPhone 6? Lets have your comments.

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  1. Thats a tecno camon c8 right. . . . . . . . ?
    Does the same features mentioned in your post also goes for the Tcamon c5

  2. I mean the things about camera mentioned in the post you discussed. The human eye stuffs the camera button, double tap and the rest me the camera features. Does the camon c5 share/have it to apart from the camera size (13 and 5 mp)

    1. Oh. We don’t know much about Camon C5. It may have some of the features.

      From the info we got , Camon C5 may not be available in Nigeria. But Camon C8 will launch in Nigeria later this month.

  3. Why why why why pls check more i need that phone besides it gonna be my first android phone and i cannot possibly start with a 5.5 inches phone am just 16 pls can you confirm it .

  4. Besides you said you got your hand no the phone rit? Shouldnt it be available in nigeria. At least no konga

  5. wow, this tecno camon c8 is actually making sense,,i think according to this pictures above tecno c8 snaps better at night

    1. Can you tell any real reason why It can’t be compared. Get the phone and see for yourself. There are better phone than the iPhone maybe u haven’t seen me yet that why u saying this. IPhone brand is just very big. The brand actually supersede d phones itself.

  6. I’ve heard great things about the Tecno C8, and having used a Tecno phone previously, I can attest to the massive improvements the brand is putting into its products by investing in Research and Development. I look forward to the release of the C8, in Nigeria, and one thing I am certain of is that the price will be affordable.

  7. You guys are kidding right( the comments before me), wheres is OIS, high ISO, bigger pixel size? This is pure marketing style for tecno. Ask any ‘good’ tech blogger and they will tell you that in the world of smartphone camera’s only the Samsung Galaxy S6 16MP f/1.9 camera has been able to stand toe to toe with iPhone 6’s 8MP camera. No android phone camera has beaten the iPhone 6 camera. Tecno is trying to fool you guys. I know it’s got a great camera yeah, but its not comparable to the iPhone.

    1. a Camon’s 13MP Dual Led Flash, F2.0 Cannot stand toe to toe with an iPhone 6’s 8MP Single Led flash F2.2 Camera? Biko, what are you saying na?

  8. I was thinking exact same thing!
    Just didn’t want it to seem like I’m being ‘negative’.

    I mean, TECNO? iPhone 6?

    I’m so not buying it, but I guess we can’t say until the phone is launched..
    What d RAM size? Hope it’s not the same crappy 1gb as the Canon c5..

  9. Cant stop laffing here, why cant they show the two phones directly instead of camera only. three unbeatable camera phones still remains S6,Iphone6 and HTC M9.. Stop fooling yourselves…

    1. lol…ignorance is dealing with you, the attention here is on iphone6 and tecno camon c8 and tecno came out best obviously so keep the name of those other phones to ur self..thkx

  10. Same happened and BOOM J made the top five list for music phones, in fact, beating this same iPhone 6 with it’s 1GB Ram. I’m beginning to wonder why it’s hard to believe the Camon C8 can beat it when it comes to camera specs and picture quality though. Anyways, let’s wait and see. Tecno sef should do and release the phone.

    1. The competition is not even in the overall performance, I don’t know why people seem to be missing the point of what was put on the blog. “CAMERA SHOWDOWN”.

  11. so odd techno vs apple LMAO ! wat du u want 2 compare is it the crappy 32bit mtk processors Samsung will be giggling

  12. Sammy 3gig of the powerful s6 edge on a 64bit processor couldn’t match the iPhone 6 on benchmark test and u dream u can du beta its going to be a long boring one

  13. Chai! I thought people could read sha! I guess I was very wrong to assume so. Does the RAM have anything to do with the quality of the picture produced? These guys look like they just went through hell and back to make the camera happen, you should know some boasting would happen na. They seem to be proud of their camera. Allow.

  14. Techno will supprise you all who never belive, iPhone 6 will never be the best of phone forever there most be one that can beat it hands down someday and Techno is not exceptional. I Bel truest them!!!

  15. I just bought the techno camon c8 and my brother got the iPhone 6+…we took a shot in the room with lights out and the clarity was confirmed despite I reduced the pixel of the c8 in the settings it still beat the iPhone.

  16. I just bought the techno
    camon c8 and my colleague in the office infinix hot note ….the infinix can’t stand a chance @ Titus

  17. I havn’t tried this talked-about camon c8 though,but its a disrespect comparing it 2 not convinced by the camera tests above as it might not really be an iphone6 camera shots.even sony xperia z3 with a 20.7mp never had a chance over iphone6.I will try it myself,but i doubted it.

  18. y u too dey lie like Dis e go for ur eye? u won carry Obama brain give am to Jona? iPhone 6 vs techno c8 never not in dis generation

    1. IPhone 6 or not techno is on top am blackberry used but now techno is there already just believe it,C5 is 4 Lite why C8 No but picture rate and memory C8 more upgrade than C5 ,iPhone 6 is good as well but I will prefer techno. Just believe it

  19. IPhone 6 is far behind camon 8 with so many facilities eg quick action large ram and rom space easily recognize the owner battery last longer, then you can only compare iPhone 6 and note 5

  20. I’ve used both phone’s what I knew is that Tecno Camon C8 is better than iPhone 6 in my own view in phone price does not matter but use and confirm. The only problem Tecno company have is matter of Near Field Communication (NFC) to boost their product to high level.

  21. I’d like to see more day light shots comparison between the two phones. I think c8 would fair equally better

  22. Pls if u haven’t used an iPhone 6 before dnt comment here,cos i believe iPhone jst got d name buh dea products ar dwindling,evn infinix zero camera is berra than iPhone 6x,so i blive c8 will b berra,so stop making noise abt iPhone.

  23. Shu as per pic quality camon as it hw will u compare 13mp dual flash wit iphone 8mp.. Wo does dat?

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