Latest version of WhatsApp v2.12.560 brings a number of interesting features


Whatsapp’s new update in beta comes with a list of new intresting functionalities. Looking at the usefulness of these new functions, I can tell you Whatsapp is really evolving into the ideal chat app for everyone. That said, let’s take a look at what this new version brings to the table, shall we?

Topping the list of obvious new functions is the quick reply feature that allows users to reply messages through the notification bar; am not talking about pop ups here, this new feature allows you to reply messages right from the notification bar. Also attached to the notification message are options to view the chat, which will take you to whatsapp or the option of closing the message.

  • IMG_20160330_021826

Another feature that was introduced is the multiple selection function. This feature will allow you to mark multiple contacts at once and perform an action on them all at once.For example, when you mark two or more personal chats and mark them as read or as unread, however, this option will not be available if you’ve not read the message from one of the selected contacts. If you multi-select individual chats and group chats the actions that will be available are the ones that they all share. So, don’t expect to see the exit group option when you multi-selected individual chats and group chats.

Also added to this latest version of whatsapp is the capability to strike through texts. Much like cancelling a writing, to prevent it being read by others. A pretty handy feature I must say.

The last notable feature of this latest version of WhatsApp is the solid colour wallpaper. Unlike before, you can now choose from a variety of solid colour pictures to use as wallpaper.

latest version of whatsapp
Solid wallpaper
Photo credits: androidpolice
Remember that this update is in Beta, that means it’s being tested. So, if you want it head over to Play Store and join the Google Play Store Beta version program or you wait for the official update or better still grab it from APK Mirror.


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