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Lenovo Z5 set to launch on June 5 with an incredible series of features


A lot of hype has been built over the past few weeks on the company’s upcoming flagship, Lenovo Z5 by the company’s Vice president, Chang Cheng. Chang has dropped numerous hints about the smartphone and it is expected to come with some groundbreaking features never seen before in other phones. The smartphone is set to be launched on June 5 in Beijing, according to the announcement made by Chang on Weibo earlier today. lenovo-z5-concept-designEarlier images of the 18 patents released by Cheng revealed that the Lenovo Z5 is coming out with four technological breakthroughs, including a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio.


The sketch and renders leaked by Cheng also showed the Z5 will feature a completely bezel-less display and no notch. If the sketch is spot on, then Lenovo could beat all other Android smartphones including Xiaomi and Samsung with its completely full-screen smartphone.

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Chang also stated that the smartphone will feature a huge 4TB of internal storage (4 terabytes!!!) which is made possible by “particle technology”. He further went to state that the memory will be able to store up to hold 2,000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos. This feat has never been achieved by even the top tech companies like Google and Apple.

In a recent hint dropped by Chang, the Lenovo Z5 will deliver up to 45-days of standby time. Even with the latest advances in technology, most devices are still yet to deliver in 45 hours. But the question still remains if the phone will be to stay up to the said days if operations such as video playback, web browsing and video/voice calls are carried on it.

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With all these amazing specs and features released by the Lenovo Vice President, we can’t wait until June 5 to see how many are actually true and which are just “hype”.

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