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LG G5 has an ‘always on’ display function



LG posted via its official Facebook account a snippet of what we are to see at the upcoming launch of the LG G5. This snippet is a GIF (picture) that shows the LG G5 in an ‘always on’ screen mode.

The ‘always on’ mode is a form of battery saving as well as stress saving (yeah!  you have to do anything to see choice notifications) mode, in which the devices display is turn off but the screen area where the notification message are seen will be dimly lit, this allows you to see your notification without having to press the power button or tap the screen.

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This feature was first introduced to the LG v10, LG’s 2015 flagship. Obviously it was taken well by LG consumers and we are seeing it again.

Meanwhile, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is just 12 days away, so gear up for some big flagship launches as Samsung, LG, Hauwei, Wiko and other brands will be announcing their flagships or other devices before ( Samsung and LG will unveil Galaxy S7 and LG G5 respectively,on the 21st of this month). Ensure you are glued to AndroidNigeria for the latest news Android and the MWC.

What specifications will you want the G5 to come with?

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    1. Not really… Only part of the screen remains on and in a low brightness setting. We’re talking AMOLED type display so the dark parts of the screen are essentially off

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