Macaw Tx Review: How Much Are You Willing to Spend on a Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

How much are you willing to spend on a waterproof Bluetooth headset


Wireless earphones are the trend now, they are popular not just because they are the new technology being pushed on consumers by electronics manufacturers rather it is the convenience which they offer users that have made them popular. The neckband variety of wireless earphones have been particularly popular and this post will be reviewing one of such variety which we consider to be cost-effective and of high quality. The Macaw TX – 80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones is practically new to the market, launched 2018-01-25, the headphone offers users a great option to headphone users looking for a high-quality tech at a cost-effective rate.

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Macaw Tx Review: How Much Are You Willing to Spend on a Waterproof Bluetooth Headset 2
Macaw TX – 80Macaw TX – 80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Among the many features the Macaw TX – 80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphone sports, the most notable features include:

● Magnet Absorption
Avoids the cable’s twine and conveniently stores for doing sports while not using

● IPX5 Nano Waterproof: the device can conveniently survive an occasional dip in water or soaks in a heavy sweat. This feature makes the headphone great for active people.

● Hands-free Call
Built-in HD mic, freely gets phones call with your friends or families.

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● Multi-point Connection
You can connect to the headphone from two devices simultaneously. So can never miss any important calls on leisure time.

● Ergonomic Design
A very important factor to consider when selecting a headphone. Macaw TX – 80’s behind-the-ear and neckband design, will help it not fall out easily when doing hard sports.

● English Voice Prompt
The headphone can be controlled with your voice. So you can give commands on the go.

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The features of the Macaw TX – 80 conveniently places it in the top tier of headphones. It would be great to highlight more features that make the headphone great but what would be even better is getting the headphone at a discounted price on Gearbest.


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