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Meet the new TECNO laptop.



TECNO’s surge to prominence in the Nigerian mobile market, once tagged “Chinko” is now seen as a symbol of quality by many. Its no surprise, as they have produced some very good phones for good prices.

Well, TECNO has pushed the envelope further, by teaming up with Technology company “Jide” based in Beijing to release the new TECNO Remix OS 2.0. This Operating System is an enhanced form of Android OS, capable of running video apps, instant messaging apps, social media accounts, web browsers and word processing tools, at a go.

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The Remix OS is an innovation of Jide Technology, a company created by three ex-Google engineers.

According to a spokesperson of the developers :

“Remix OS 2.0 brings users the familiar desktop operating environment of traditional PCs and laptops and access to the entire Android ecosystem, making a highly productive Android PC work environment. “Simply put, Remix OS 2.0 fuses an intuitive desktop experience with Android, giving users a never-been-experienced-before access to traditional desktop functions like “Startup menu”, “bottom taskbar” and “ Advanced File manager” on their Android PCs. “Users can enjoy all the cool ‘work’ stuff they’ll normally do on their desktops now on android for instance, you can Ctrl C/ Ctrl V to copy and paste with the keyboard, Drag and Drop files between folders, even resize a work window with a toggle of the sides.  These are all desktop productivity now made astonishingly possible on Android PCs running Remix OS”

It is believed that this new Remix powered gadget will be released soon, its definitely worth waiting for and owning. We expect the price range of this device to be fair, as TECNO is known for providing quality devices at a reasonable price. For all we can do is wait, news of the devices release will be right here on AndroidNigeria.

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What do you think about this new innovation from  TECNO? Will it take their popularity a notch higher in Nigeria and the World at large?

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