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Mix Songs On Android With Music Maker App



Mix Songs On Android With Music Maker App

Music Maker software, produced by Berlin based developers, Magix, has landed on android smartphone devices.

Before now, the Music Maker software was and is still featured on the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and have been in the business of the production of software since 1993.

The Music Maker app for android is an app developed for those who want to try their soft hands on new sounds and mixes and do not really give a hoot of making smashing hits.

Although the Music Maker app for android is not as “productive” as that on Windows 8 platform, its definitely worth giving a try.

For those who might be interested in the Music Maker App, permit me to share with you on how the app works

So, How does The Music Maker For Android Works?

Once downloaded, the Music Maker app detects the sort of android device you intend working with and immediately “re shapes” its interface to suite your device. However, note the Music Maker app requires nothing less than android 4.0 to work.

On the free version, you have a bank load of sounds to choose from, from four enticing genres which include Hip hop, Dance, Electric Jazz and Rock Ballads. Nevertheless, if you want to go beyond the limits, and will like to have a whole lot of other genres all up on your Music Maker app, you can acquire them for the sum of $1.99 each.

You can download demo loops and try your “DJ hands” on them but for the “respect”, I guess getting your sound started from the bottom will make you feel more like a hit maker.

Hit the little ‘Plus’ icon for each track, and you’ll be presented with the available genres and associated instruments.

Hitting the “plus” icon will give you a whole lot of sounds you can add up or play around with. Besides, worried your sounds might sound distorted and confused? Don’t worry, the Music Maker app for android sort of has its own mind as it synchronizes readily all your mixed sounds to bring about something good enough.

With song parts, you can start building proper songs beyond that of simple loops too.

Add your own flavor to a segment by playing with various segments of the song which results to a more outstanding effect.

Also, increasing/decreasing the levels in individual tracks let you emphasize vocals, drums or other instruments.

You can tailor the length of each loop too, for example making the first ‘song part’ loop longer, before breaking into a shorter bridge or coda.

A unique attribute of the Music Maker App “reborn” on the Android OS is the ability for a user to shake device and different loops get added automatically to the mix board in place of muted loops. This is for those who either lack some “end creativity” or just too tired to finish up a mix.

Other features of the Music Maker app for Android include ‘touch and swipe’ controls of the soundboard, as well as recording, exporting, and sharing of tracks.

This is one of a kind I must say and its advent will definitely make the android stand up against the Apple iOS which is noted to have more apps to satisfy “mixing needs”

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  1. Music Maker app for android is an app developed for those who want to try their soft hands on new sounds and mixes and do not really give a hoot of making smashing hits.

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