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Moto X To Be Sold On Google Play Store


Moto_x_phone_leak-580-75Yesterday, Motorola finally announced the launch and availabilty of its latest android device to the growing android OS market.

Although the Moto X is still being sent to major carriers on contract, Google has come out to say the new Moto X will be available on the Google Play Store which probably means individuals can head over to the store to purchase their device.

The Moto X will come with the usual carrier bloatware, along with some of Motorola’s customizations, such asthe always-on voice feature, shake to start camera and the active lockscreen.

At the launch, Motorola promised quick updates of the Moto X android OS, however the Moto X on Google Play will get them even faster since they don’t have to go through the carrier before being sent to your Smartphones.

The price has not been fixed yet but judging by its specifications, the Moto X might go for the sum of $295 for the Moto X 16GB model.

Like the GPe of the S4 and the One, the Moto X will also be sold unlocked and at the full price.

Lest I forget, I do not think the new Moto X will be available in various colours other than the normal black and white.

The actual date for its availabilty on play Store is still in the dark but I shall keep you updated.


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