MTN Beta Talk offers 200% Bonus Airtime



Beta Talk is a new tarrif from MTN that gives 200% bonus airtime on recharge of #100 and above (Once in a week) ; valid for 7days. The bonus airtime can be used to call all networks in Nigeria.

How to Migrate

you can migrate to this tariff by dialing *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 via SMS.

MTN beta talk

We Recharged #100 and Got 200% bonus

Mtn Beta Talk Recharge

Welcome to MTN Beta Talk!

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  1. You people are wicked, upon that we subscribe with you all over…you can’t say atleast give us amzing plan or data that will do. Imagine etisalat 1gb N1000 And you are busy advertising 250mb for 1k? you mtn official…if you are in our shoe will you use that offer? you people should learn to do what is right or before you realise it, evrybody will migrate to etisalat…Reply via mail

  2. The advert said that the bonus will last 7 days. When I migrated, a message came saying that the bonus is just for 3 days. Mtn, be straight forward for once. PLEASE.

  3. Beta talk use to be for 7 days. Why did you change it to 3days? Please revert to 7 days and also look into your data plans. Still on the high side.

  4. plz mtn should try n upgrade their mb dey give when you load airtime. I luv this better talk am gr8ful. plz n try n make android subscription chipper airtel iz leading u pple. wit 100naira u could browse wit 1000 u get 3gb so plz upgrade mtn dnt b 2 money conscious

  5. Mtn are wicked I migrate to beta talk and my first recharge I was given d bonus. To my surprise I make cal for jst 20sec n they took ol d money both
    main balance and b bonus.

  6. Mtn…i like ur service, but 1 thing is dat. I jst want the beta talk bonus should be move to seven days as it is before

  7. does it min I can’t transfer my main aact? I tried doin dat and they said am nt allowed to use dis netwk.

  8. Even the #33,600 awuf na wash jor hw person go get that kind of airtime on phne and be calling only mtn without calling any number on any netwrk and wat bafus me is that u will be charged #30. Further more the xtra time is not properly arranged afterall the rough xtratime can make a call of 2mins

  9. Mtn is ole, thief. The government should stop this corrupt devilish wicked mtn cult which is established to exploit nigerians. Buhari should please stop this fools with immediate effect. They exploit with reckless abandon. Beta talk is no adventage ova other tariff. They are just fooling the fools. The brighter side they show us is 200% but failed to show us the side effect. The ill effect is the rate per second. 47k. If you buy #100 credit, you are given #300 all together which you will use only for 10minutes. What is the advantage them. Eticelat is beta. Buhari, close these idiots.

  10. Haa! MTN,they said 200% bonus airtime but they would not tell u how much u are going to make call per second. Nigerians,wake up!

  11. 100 Naira Air Of Other Tariff Is Equivalent To 300 Naira On Beta Talk,mean While Mtn Beta Talk Is Of No Advantage,if You Know What Calculation And Statics Is,

  12. This is so fake, once I get the bonus two seconds later it’s 0:00 and it only lasts for three days not 7 days. Don’t do us any favours if it’s going to be shitty like this

  13. I have all networks and MTN is the least I recharge. The company is so cunning and so conservative. They never give subscribers anything for free.

  14. I agree that MTN ain’t the best. Yes I’ve lost a lot and I mean a lot of money to them, but seriously, is it not of utmost stupidity to know a snake bites, and still pick one up?
    You don’t want to patronize them; Good and Fine. Stop!
    You guys judge as though you would perform better if you were there.
    Guy, they didn’t carry a gun and force you to buy their sim and register it!



    * MTN should trie and be faithful.
    * MTN should trie and be straight forfard.
    * MTN should trie and have mercy.
    * MTN should trie and show love & kindness.
    * MTN should trie and upgrad MB.
    * MTN should trie and show appreciation.
    * MTN should trie and show cares.
    I don’t enjoy MTN but MTN enjoy me greatly, reason while i said these MTN has bein store their (MAST) in differen states and differen local government in Nigeria i’m responsible for some of the MAST STORAGED, when there’s no network customa abandon MTN, i call 180 they informed the management before d you new it few weeks, few month it bein stored but yet i achieved nothing from MTN, no business man or woman invest and rain lose but then alease fourty percent faithful to your customas out of hundred percent…

  16. pls mtn should try and adjust there data plans to the average of other network data because other networks are trying harder to pull out almost 51% of your increase ur mb to what others increased in other to hold up your customers together,, use your fore site well because I will be one in that 51% I mentioned above…don’t think that the first can never be the last atlas..think u are a human..this is business…

  17. Your comment..MTN is d worst network ever, rubbish, no one should migrate to nonsense beta wot so eva MTN re thieves, as they re deducting ur money in so called bonus later dey will wipe out DAT of main account, imaging no mb no benefit, dey will keep on deducting d money u suffer to get, MTN n there workers re IMBECILES with capital letter, pls my good pole if u need bonus break DAT nonsense MTN line or better still u go to there office n give dem back. if u need bonus buy GLO line enter GLO bumpa plan n enjoy real world of real calls I hate MTN with passion unlike before

  18. MTN is a network carrier that should be out-rightly bound in Nigeria. This company from South Africa has extorted Nigeria a lot and it is high time she is booted out of the country. MTN is a cheat, 419, fraudster and worst of it all in sincere to Nigerians. Their data plan is another case that needs to be debated in the peoples forum. Sincerely speaking all companies from South Africa are cheats. DSTV is also tolling t Consider the senereo where I subscribe for =N=15,000.00 for one month while the data has not been exhausted the multi choice company will roll off my data instead of rolling over. It is wickedness at the highest level yet government is not doing anything about it.

  19. Dear MTN (If this message will reach you though lool…) please understand that profit making should be balanced with consumers interest and satisfaction especially where there are 3 other major competitors in your market at the moment. Any rational human being will go for a better offer anytime anyway therefore as long as a better offer than yours exists most peeps will dump your package and reach out to better ones. However you might think it will be hard for people to dump their numbers for another one after a long time use, yes that is possible but on the alternative they most likely will get another sim with better tariff plan and the mtn sim becomes useful only for receiving calls. That means no buying of mtn recharge cards and eventually when the new line has gained sufficient recognition as the owner’s other number the owner mostly won’t loose anything by dumping the mtn sim. Let me stop here. Please think about this MTN.

  20. MTN should not wait to be told what to do. He that knowing good let him do. ur good works will surly speaks for you.

  21. Finally, something good has come out from MTN… Lol.

    Though I don’t use MTN but I like this Bonus Promo

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