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I NEVER KNEW I WAS BUYING A MACHINE – My Tecno N3 Experience By Anthony Edogbo


It was a very rainy when I ran to room 125 of Ocheja Hostel in Kogi State University, Anyigba. I was badly beaten by the rain but didn’t care about it at all.

All that was on my mind at that moment was “Job, no buy that Java Phone o, na Tecno Android dey reign now o.” Yes! Job was my closest friend in school and was about buying a phone that very day after forgetting his phone in the students’ common room, and of course, students who needed it more stole it.

Job exclaimed as he saw me, “chai! U don dey mad o. Why you kon enter inside this rain the come hostel by this time?“. I replied “o’boy forget that one yet, hope say you never buy that Asha 200?” He answered “how you expect me to enter this rain just to buy phone?”. I sighed and then said ” thank God. Just carry that your money make we go buy Tecno N3 o.”

Job bursted into laughter and said “did I hear you say Tecno?”. I replied “yes na, the phone na Android o”. Then Job said “so far say na Tecno,i no de buy”.

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In my mind, I was like “what if i tear this boy slap now? Shey im know say na because of am i enter this rain“. I left him downcasted and went to my lodge.

The next day was the 28th day of June 2013, I was on my bed when I heard my message tone ring I woke up and said “who be this person wey dey disturb me na? Hope say no be these KSU girls wey wan kill person with please call me sms?”.

I took my phone to read the sms which was from my mum. It read ” I just sent 10 thousand to your account, make sure you use it wisely. happy birthday.” I fell down flat on my bed and then shouted ‘Jèsuuuu!’. My friends rushed in and asked what the problem was. I plainly said “i don hama”.

My immediate plan was to go and get my Tecno N3, but the problem was where to get the remaining 3 thousand for the phone. I then got an idea. I rushed to the school hostel and started advertising my Nokia C2. In about 30minutes, my C2 was gone! I sold it for 4 thousand Naira! After withdrawing the cash my mum sent, i ran straight to unity square and bought my sparkling white Tecno N3!

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How I forgot my birthday is still a mystery to me, maybe it was because my spirit was filled with the hope of getting an Android, who cares?

That was the chronicle behind my getting an Android phone. :)

The next problem was loading it with games and applications. It wasn’t easy as Android apps were not things of 2mb or 4mb, you should know what i mean. I subscribed for 250mb which ate my N1500. In about 6days, my data was gone! Unbelievable, I said to myself because I didn’t even know what ! have even downloaded so far. “Chai,this phone na die o“, I said to myself as I bounced to meet Bash who had a laptop loaded with apk games and apps.

Bash was my close friend and so I got everything free.

I installed all the apps and started using them straight away. “Mheeeeen this phone na machine o”, I said while playing the newly installed pes 2013. The graphics and commentary were just unimaginable.

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In 7 days, I had already mastered the apps. The browsing was fast, 3G blazing! My photo editors were superb. Maybe that was the reason I started getting many likes whenever I uploaded a picture on facebook, I thought. “The antivirus can even prevent HIV”, I said to myself. I could minimise anything and my 2go was just like Whatsapp!

Foxy Editor, Photo Effects, Photo Merge, Photo Grid, Photoscape, Andromedia, Photoshop, Google Chrome, Firefox, Pix Frames, Textgram, PES 2013, Resident Evil, Grand Theft, Temple Run, Talking Tom, Fx Guru, FL studio and so on. I was typing the apps to sell to students.

I placed my advert all over the hostels. “Get your Android games and apps now, call tony on 0816449****.”

I got hundreds of calls over the weekend and sent thousands of apps to different students. In about 3weeks, Ii had already made 16 Thousand Naira!

I also loaded my phone with pdf files related to my course and so helped me academically.

I love anything Android!

Thank You

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I just love Android. The love I have for any device that has Android as its operating system knows no bound. Keep following my gists all the time on this websites and other platforms you will get to see me. :)


  1. That’s a gud write up,,, av bn using tecno N3 and it’s a gud one. Cudos to Android Nigeria

  2. That’s a gud write up,,, av bn using tecno N3 and it’s a gud one. Cudos to Android Nigeria. But please some of my friends are in search of N3 and we r told it’s no more in market. How can we get it.

  3. N3 is a very good phone. Can’t blive I’ve been using it for 1yr 8mths now… I can remember when i first got it, was very happy. It was also tecno’s first Android phone using 3G. Even though there had been many upgrades over the time, it’s still somewhat effective… Truly, it’s a machine.

  4. I wonder… Did Job buy a Nokia Asha? IF he did I can imagine the look on his face after seeing the N3 in action

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