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Naija Logo Quiz: Learn about Nigerian Brands by playing this Android game


Naija Logo Quiz is a free puzzle game for Android phones where you guess the names of Nigerian Companies or Companies operating in Nigeria. Naija Logo Quiz was developed by Chatham Technology, a company based in Nigeria.

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It is a very educative as you tend to learn the names, logos and brief history/information of companies operating in Nigeria.

Naija Logo Quiz
Naija Logo Quiz

Everyday, we consistently come across different companies logos on the road, while watching TV or surfing the Internet. Now the question is do you pay little attention to the logos of companies operating in Nigeria? Can you identify a particular logo correctly? If yes, can you give a brief history about that company?
Well, you can always get clues in the puzzle game but it would cost you one or more hint(s) – that’s the currency used in the game. Their is an in-app purchase for buying more hints in the game.

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– 500 logos and a small size of the application!
– 20 exciting levels!
– Learn more about Nigerian brands after correctly guessing!
– Helpful clues! Each logo has hints!
– New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.
– Detailed statistics!
– Leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!
– Compare your answers with your friends!
– Challenge them to see who knows more logos by sharing to social media.


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Okay now that we know what it does, here’s what I like about the game:
– 500 different logos
– Gird layout of the logos
– Simple design
– I love the fact that it will produce a sound when you get a question correctly or wrong

And here’s what I didn’t like so much:
– The sound it produced when I got a question correctly.

Naija Logo Quiz is a very educative puzzle game. No doubt, you will definitely learn something new while playing the Naija Logo Quiz on your Android phone. You also get the chance to engage your friends on Facebook and Twitter by sharing the questions to them for an answer while the game is on.

Download Naija Logo Quiz

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  1. Naija Ludo is a kind of Board Games for Android, 9Game official website provides download and guide for Naija Ludo, Play free Naija

  2. nawa for naija…………..ooooo aint interesting at all……………….but thumbs up to the developer……………..aint easy at we must survive for Naija

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