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Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review


At MWC In February ,Nokia Deviated from its Windows Phone Tradition by Announcing 3new Android Phones . This announcement has been the biggest suprise so far this year and may also go down to be one of the biggest suprise in 2014. Nokia X Is The First Nokia Android Device to launch and has had its fair share of praises and critics.

Been Nokia’s first ever android smartphone , a lot wasn’t expected from this device and so , it might not be right to criticize nokia yet.. Nokia X Is A Mid-Range Device and although its runs on ”Nokia’s Forked Version Of Android”. , Developers has claimed that 75% of android apps can work on this device.

Recently I was able to lay my hands on this device for the first time and suprisingly , this device is cooler than I expected..Here’s my Nokia X review  and my experience with it.

Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 2

Pros :
*Nice Design
*Very Portable And Durable
*Fast Processor

Cons :
*No Camera Flash

Design And Display

Looking At this device for the very first time , one will mistake it for a lumia phone..Design wise , there’s not much noticeable difference between Nokia X Android And Windows Lumia. Although this device has a plastic body , its strenght and durability can be easily felt on hand..

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Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 3
Image : Nokia X Front View

It Has A 4′ inch screen and its slightly slim body makes it very portable and difficult to notice when in pocket.

Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 4

Image : Nokia X Back View

Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 5

Image : Nokia X Side View

Nowadays Not everyone fancies a phone with a largescreen . Every one wants a nice and portable phone , one that Can easily fit your pocket , Nokia X Definately fits this category of people.. Also , If You’re looking for durability and portability then Nokia X Should be first on your list.

Design Rating : 4/5


Nokia X’s Hardware is comprised of 512MB Ram and 1GHz dual-core Cortex-
A5 CPU, Qualcomm MSM8225
Snapdragon S4 Play
chipset, Adreno 203 GPU Processor , but Hands-On , It Dosent act like a 512MB Phone..I don’t know what nokia did to the processor ,this phone is faster than I had expected.. Unlike other phones with 512MB RAM , Apps Open Faster and Games Are Quicker on Nokia X.. Overall , the hardware and performance of nokia x is really impressive , although what I don’t really like is the fact that it has only 4GB Internal Memory Space , which means you will need an external memorycard if your want to store more files on your device .. Less I forget , Nokia X Is Not A Full Android Device. Nokia X Runs On ”Nokia’s Forked Version Of Android”, But 75percent Of Android Apps Can Work On This Device.
Performance Rating : 4/5

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This is one aspect I feel nokia should have worked more on.. Pictures play an important role on our lives. Everyone wants to caputure their greatest memories with the sharpest of cameras and so , they don’t mind going all out to get phones with High Camera Pixel..

Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 6

Image : Nokia X Back Camera View

Nokia X Has A 3.2MP Camera Resolution and although the picture quality is okay , it is definately no match if compared to phones like Sony Xperia Z1 And Lumia 1020 With 20MP Camera Pixel. To Test Nokia X’s Camera , I Took A Quick Selfie.. You Can See The Picture Below..

Hands On Nokia X Android Smartphone Review 7

(Pls Don’t Laugh *Covers Face* :p )

The Picture is clear , quite alright , but if u take a pic in slightly dark place , it isn’t clear .. Worst of all , Nokia X Dosent have a camera flash , which means you will be able to take pictures only at daytime. Its still manageable thou , I mean , other aspects of this device have covered this little Flaw.

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Camera Rating : 3/5

Battery Durability

A Phone With 1500mAh Battery Power Usually Takes About 2hours 30mins to charge from 0 to 100% ; same can also be said of Nokia , Although It Is 10mins Faster. After playing games and chatting with this device , I decided to charge it from 0% , also taking note of the time. Approximately , It took about 2hours 18Mins for it to completely full , which is not too bad , considering the fact that the power supply isn’t constant.

Nokia X Also Has An Impressive Standby Time Of 408Hours. This means without chatting or playing games , this device can stay on for over 17Days..

Battery Rating : 4/5

Overall Rating : 4/5.. Kudos Nokia..

Final Verdit : Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!!. Believe Me , Nokia X Is cooler than you think it is..It Has A Strong Design , Nice Processor , Portable Body And A Good Battery Life. What More Can I Say? , KUDOS NOKIA..
I”ld suggest you get one for yourself.. And guess what ? , Nokia X Costs Just 2019,000 NairÀ!.

See Full Specifications Of Nokia X

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    1. well , the device has been launched but isn’t yet available for purchase… Stay Tuned With Us For More Updates

  1. Nokia X Is The First Nokia Android Device to launch and has had its fair share of praises and critics.
    Pros :
    *Nice Design
    *Very Portable And Durable
    *Fast Processor

    Cons :
    *No Camera Flash

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