NutriRay3D, “Imagine” calculating your meals calorie by 3D scanning

Ever wondered how much calorie you are munching at the dinning table, well, if you have and would want to know. Calorie information will soon be just a click away, as a new smartphone technology accessory will now allow users to scan their meals for its calorie content using 3D laser scanning. This new tech accessory is called NutriRay3D, and its inventors say it can estimate the caloric value of your food just by looking at it.

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The team developing the NutriRay3D says it has gone beyond the prototyping stage and now as a working final product. As stated, the only delay being faced by the product preventing from being circulated is fund. The projects inventors are hoping to hit $50,000 in the next 43 days, and those pledging $199 or more will get a NutriRay3D in return for their support.

The app that accompanies this accessory has a data of  9,000 different types of food, which it consults to determine what exactly you’re about to put in your body and give you an instant analysis of your meal. The app will also come with a standard tracking features and weight-loss assistance, and it is allegedly 87.5% to 91% accurate at measuring nutritional content, Which quite Good.

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There are still skeptics of the efficiency of these upcoming tech accessory, questions such as; how can the app tell how much oil was used in frying that meat or chicken or Akara and so on (add more in the comment box). These questions should get a definite response, if the accessory makes it to the distribution stage, this depends on how much crowdfund it is able to rein in. Watch or download video on the Nutrition accessory here

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What do you think about this new accessory? is this a feasible venture? Share in the comment box.




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