Odin software for rooting and flashing smartphones


Odin is Windows-based software created especially to flash files such as ROMs on smartphones devices. Odin 1.85 does not have special requirements beyond the original USB cable of your smartphone device and can be installed on your computer Windows based.

Updating or rooting your smartphone is not easy if don’t use the special tool for make this in one easy way, this tool is Odin Software, Odin is a great tool one click rooting software, is most used and in my opinion the best software to change your smartphone ROM, or firmware.

When you have root privilege on your phone, you can make whatever you like.

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Odin 1.85 have a friendly graphic interface and is very easy to use, but always when you use Odin 1.85 software be very carefully when change the settings, because if you make some changes, or you put one click wrong , you can damage your smartphone device.

You must to read carefully a guide for use Odin if you don’t know to use it, and fortunately exist guides for every model of smartphone on the market.

You need Odin If you want to root your device or update it to a custom ROM, if you want to only update your smartphone with an official firmware, in this case you’ll go to use the smartphone marker’s own software because you’ll have minimum risks.

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Rooting your device offers us a way to have fully control over your phone and give us a lot of advantages, but like you know no each of us needs it. You can install another new applications for make your smartphone to work much better.

When you want to update your smartphone, the updates come with series of new developments and new improvements, bug fixes and more features, therefore is really recommended to make updates , this updates can be unofficial ROM or an official, depends of you which you prefer to use them.

Download Odin 1.85

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  1. Hi, nice article…I have been seeking knowledge on how to learn how to root, each time I try to read the instructions up, I get confused along the way, I would appreciate if you can help with that, a one on one tutorial will be much preferred and appreciated….pls pls pls, contact mi on……Much blessed.

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